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KING MEN – Best Place to Eat RAMEN at NAIA Terminal 3

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We all crave good food, and if there is one type of food I am now addicted to that is Ramen! So when I heard about this new place that had opened at NAIA Terminal 3 Food Hall, I made a decision to visit this place first before my international flight.
The Food Hall is located on the 4th floor of NAIA Terminal 3. This is where you will find various restaurants and cafes serving local or international cuisine – you will find almost everything here.

While walking around in search for Ramen, I found this newly opened restaurant called KING MEN in the corner. The place itself from the outside looks very inviting so we decided to give it a go.
As you walk in, you will sense the Japanese influence. I liked the minimalist design of the restaurant and, of course, you can also smell the aroma of food.
Sapporo is one place in Japan I would love to visit. That is why when I saw the sign where you can get a taste of authentic Sapporo Ramen, it made me even more excited to give it a try.
I always like the idea of the open kitchen as you can see how your food is being prepared.
So we checked the menu and for a first time visitor, I always ask for the best sellers. Let me show you what we ordered. Aside from ramen, we also ordered their other special dishes. King Men has a wide variety of ramen to choose from and I am definitely going to try the others on my next visit.
Complimentary hot tea for everyone.
KARAAGE Php 280.00 – Deep fried bite-size chicken with a crispy coating served with a mayo dip.
I love this dish! The crispiness and the taste of lemon and mayo really complemented the overall dish. I also enjoyed the spices they put into it. Definitely worth every bite.

GYOZA Php 180.00 – Japanese dumplings filled with meat and vegetable filling and special dipping sauce.

While waiting for our ramen, we also tried one of my favorite dumplings which is the Gyoza. Most of their servings at King Men are good enough for two.

MISO RAMEN Php 450.00 – Sapporo-Style ramen in a thick miso-pork and chicken broth flavored with roasted garlic and onion oil, topped with leeks, char sui, tamago, bean sprouts, menma and a sheet of nori.

Finally the big bowl of my Miso Ramen arrived.  I didn’t even know how I was  going to finish it. But the moment I had a sip, I was really overwhelmed by the flavors of this ramen. It was delicious and, yeah, I finished the whole thing!

I never enjoyed ramen as much as I did here at King Men. We were very pleased that we stopped by before our flight schedule and I can’t wait to try the other ramen they have once I am at NAIA Terminal 3.
So if you are around NAIA Terminal 3 and craving for some great tasting ramen before flying out to your destination, do not forget to visit King Men – The Home of the Authentic Sapporo Nishiyama Ramen
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