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tapsihan ni lolo boy imus cavite

TAPSIHAN NI LOLO BOY | One of The Best in Imus Cavite

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IMUS CITY | Filipinos love tapsilog which is an abbreviation of (Tapa-Sinangag-Itlog). If you are in Imus, City, one place I highly recommend is located at Anabu 2B, Imus City Cavite, Tapsihan Ni Lolo Boy. Since we were busy working on a school activity about Imus City, I told my students that I’d like to give it a try and taste what it was really like and also to be included in our in our activity to promote Imus City.
tapsihan ni lolo boy anabu imus cavite


TAPA is a fried beef strips where chefs do their own touches of marinating the beef. Each one has their own blend depending on their own preferences. SINANGAG is basically fried rice which is sometimes mixed with garlic and a bit of soy sauce.  ITLOG is basically afried egg.
It was late lunch when we finished with our project so when we arrived, it wasn’t that busy at all.  With so many tables around the house, you can already feel that a lot of people do come here and dine.


Address: 2B Anabu Rd, Anabu 2-B, Imus, 4103 Cavite

1. Get off at S&R Imus Cavite and look for a 7-11 store.
2. Next to 7-11, there are pedi-cabs or tricycles that can take you to Tapsihan Ni Lolo Boy.
7:00am – 12mn
dining area tapsihan ni lolo boy
They also have tables and chairs on the garden side which for me was more relaxing and that’s where we decided to sit.
Tapsihan ni Lolo Boy Imus Cavite
eating lunch with my students
Everytime I go to a new place to eat I alway ask for their best seller. Upon looking at their menu they already have a list of MUST TRY dishes at Tapsihan Ni Lolo Boy.  I also find the the food reasonably priced. I love spicy food and my eyes were drawn to their SPICY TAPSILOG.


Tapsihan ni Lolo Boy Imus Cavite menu
Our food arrived and immediately, you could already tell from the aroma that it’s going to be good food. The food was served on a pan/wok making this tapsihan unique.


best tapsilog ever
TOCILOG – Php 65.00
If you are at Tapsihan ni Lolo Boy, one cup of this heart-shaped Sinangag is never enough. The taste of the tapa is so delicious, how I wish I could eat more but I was so full.
sinangag rice at Tapsihan ni lolo boy
EXTRA RICE – Php 17.00
A famous Filipino noodle dish with fish balls and mixed with vegetables such as cabbage and carrots. A pancit canton is never complete without a dash of Kalamansi.
pancit canton in imus city
Dining here really was a good decision to cap off our busy day. After tasting some of their food, now we know why so many people come and eat here at Tapsihan ni Lolo Boy. I also enjoy the homey feel of  the place. It was simply just like a house with tables and chairs outside. Most of all, it’s the affordability of the food that I like. For the price, everyone could enjoy a nice meal no matter what your status in life is.
We asked where Lolo Boy was at that time but they said that he was attending a wedding. Oh well, I’ll try again on my next visit!
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