/Where to Eat in Imus Cavite? Try MIDTOWN GARDEN CAFE in Carsadang Bago

Where to Eat in Imus Cavite? Try MIDTOWN GARDEN CAFE in Carsadang Bago

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If you are somewhere in Imus Cavite or anywhere closer, and you are looking for a nice coffee shop, snacks, or a quick meal at a very affordable price? Then you must try Midtown Garden Cafe.

When Kurt Ibañes, a friend of mine, invited me to come and have breakfast with him here, I immediately said yes since Carsadang Bago in Imus is quite close to where I live, and I haven’t seen him for a long time now because of the lockdowns.


Where is Midtown Garden Cafe Located?

When we arrived at Midtown Garden Cafe, my first impression was it was so cute. It’s not a big establishment. The place has five tables that I think could accommodate up to 10 or more people simultaneously. But what adds more to the overall appeal of the place is the variety of plants surrounding the area. So aside from serving food, they also sell ornamental plants. And as a die-hard plant enthusiast, I could not stop myself from staring at the plants and not bringing home one. You will find it very relaxing at Midtown Garden Cafe!

Cafe Menu

Midtown Garden Cafe serves sandwiches, rice meals, all-day breakfast, pasta, and of course, coffee. And as per looking at the menu, one thing that I observed was the affordability of the food. Whenever I go to new restaurants, I always ask them for their best sellers, so they told me to try the Chicken Parmigiana Sandwich and a Cappucino.

Check out the Garden

While waiting for the food, I walked around their garden and checked what was for sale. They have succulents, caladiums, philodendrons, calatheas, aglaonema, and so much more. If only I could take all, I would, but I have to check the budget first. But I am telling you, you will love the plants they are selling plus they also have garden soil and fertilizers in case you need one.

When my food arrived, I was surprised again since the serving was big and the sandwich came with fries. They were served hot, and when I tasted them, they were delicious! I don’t know what else they have in the sandwich aside from the chicken, but they blended well, and I love the flavors. My Cappuccino was so good and strong as well! It was worth it!


In the end, Kurt and I were so full, even if it was a sandwich. It was filling. This made me excited to try out their other food on the menu!

I told my friend that this was a good find, and I am pleased that there is one in Imus like this. I like the concept of having a garden and a cafe in one place. The location is also ideal because the area is where the bikers and joggers in Imus are normally found. So after some good exercise, treat yourself to some good food and give Midtown Garden Cafe a try!





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