/Dolce Amore Italian Restaurant | The Best Italian Pizza in Siquijor

Dolce Amore Italian Restaurant | The Best Italian Pizza in Siquijor

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Siquijor Island is getting more exciting every day with more tourists coming in. New resorts and restaurants are popping up all over the place, offering delicious food and unique flavors. And when it comes to top restaurants in Siquijor, Dolce Amore Italian Restaurant is a must-visit.

One sunny afternoon at El Kabron Cocktail Bar, we asked RR, the owner, for the best Italian restaurant on the island. We were in the mood for something authentic and with great reviews, and that’s when Dolce Amore came up. A quick check on Google Maps showed it wasn’t far away.

We arrived at Dolce Amore around 7:00 pm, super hungry after a full day of adventure. The restaurant is right along San Juan, and you can easily find it on Google Maps. The place is lovely, peaceful, and open, letting you enjoy the island breeze. They also have a resort with a nice pool next to the restaurant.

We started with Long Island Tea, which was super refreshing. As we looked at the menu, we couldn’t help but say, “Wow! Everything looks so delicious!”

Dolce Amore has a lot to offer: breakfast, pasta, desserts, and, of course, Italian pizza!

We ordered Margherita and Four Cheeses pizzas to share. While waiting for our food, I took a stroll around the restaurant and saw their open kitchen with a real Italian pizza oven – a special touch.

To our surprise, our hot and incredibly fragrant pizzas arrived in less than 10 minutes. We couldn’t help but say, “These are excellent! This is the kind of pizza we were looking for, and we found it in Siquijor.”

During our meal, the Italian owner came to check on us. We praised the food, calling it the best pizza we’d had in a long time. She explained her commitment to the real Italian way of cooking, using Italian herbs and spices.

Their pizza is made from sourdough, making it special, and you’ll want to eat every last bite, even the crust. Their unique Italian pizza oven makes cooking faster and ensures the whole pizza is cooked perfectly.


In the end, we left Dolce Amore Italian Restaurant happy. If you’re looking for authentic Italian food in Siquijor, this is the place.

We returned for lunch, ordering not only pizza but also pasta, which was incredible. After a delicious meal, don’t forget to try their desserts or the gelato they make right in the restaurant.

So, the next time you’re in Siquijor, make sure to visit Dolce Amore Restaurant for a memorable dining experience. You’ll definitely want to come back for more.


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