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El Kabron | Your Go to Cocktail Bar in Siquijor Island

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Siquijor Island is undeniably one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippines, gaining popularity not only among foreign tourists but also among locals for its white sand beaches, scuba diving, waterfalls, culture, and natural landscape.

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More and more resorts, restaurants, bars, and other services are becoming increasingly evident on the island. If you are looking for a laid-back place to relax or hang out that also offers amazing cocktails and an island vibe, EL KABRON is the place to visit.

Since we were staying at the APO Divers Resort, we were pleased to have El Kabron for refreshments and, of course, their cocktails.

Where to find El Kabron

Located along the white sand coast of San Juan in Siquijor, El Kabron is found inside the APO Divers Resort, one of the many diving resorts on the island. Getting to the bar is easy; Google Maps works really well on the island, and it’s easy to locate—it’s basically right next to JJ’s Backpackers Resort.

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Owned and managed by RR Romero Jr., he was a true gentleman, and we enjoyed his humor a lot. I must say, because of his uniqueness and personal style of making drinks, he is one of the best cocktail makers on the island in my opinion. Throughout our stay, he became our go-to person for advice about the island. A former Metro resident, he found his passion and love in Siquijor, which made him stay for good and pursue a career in food and beverages.


El Kabron’s Breakfast

El Kabron also serves breakfast and snacks. As resort guests, they provided us with an amazing breakfast right on the beach. They set up tables under the palm trees facing the beach, and that’s where they served our meals. Honestly, it was the best breakfast we had on the island. Their coffee was nice and strong enough to give us the energy we needed to explore the island.

The kids enjoyed the pancakes and some fresh juices, and we loved the American breakfast. In the afternoon, after our island hopping, we would relax by the pool or sit on the beach, watch the sunset, and grab some drinks at El Kabron while chatting about various topics. It was truly relaxing!

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El Kabron’s Overall Experience

I also appreciated the look of the bar itself, made in an old-style using native materials, which blended well with the natural landscape, unlike some modern bars that can feel detached.

On our last evening, we decided to chill at El Kabron with RR and Glads. We had an amazing time and plenty of drinks. I missed the Long Island Iced Tea, which is our personal favorite because we like our drink strong. We also tried most of the cocktails, and they were all excellent.

It was a very relaxed evening, and since it was our last day in Siquijor, we ended up partying until midnight. Even the rain couldn’t stop us; it only added to the memorable experience. We had a blast!

Thank you, El Kabron, for making our holiday in Siquijor a worthwhile experience. See you again on our next visit!

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