/7Twenty7 American Diner in Imus Cavite

7Twenty7 American Diner in Imus Cavite

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Located in the heart of Imus City, you will find a very unique dining place called 7Twenty7 American Diner.  It’s not just that the food is great, but the place will allow you to experience a true American diner with a 60s vibe.

We were having a practice at Imus Pilot Elementary School and we decided to go for lunch. We walked for a few meters from the school and found this pink vintage car parked outside and it looked like a very nice place to eat. So, we decided to give this a try.

Is it Instagram-worthy?

For me, it’s a yes! Upon entering, you will be transported back to the 60s with the neon lights and retro vibe interior. I like the red and white stripes on chairs and benches. The vintage Chevrolet car parked inside is so cool and adds a retro vibe to the diner. It’s a great place for photos! The staff was very friendly as you enter and the uniform matched the theme of the restaurant perfectly. I don’t think you will find another restaurant around Imus as cool as that. It’s a great find! But what’s more important to me is not just the place, I wanted to taste what the food was like.

Must Try Food at 7Twenty7

This American diner has a lot to offer in terms of food. When you look at the menu, there is a wide selection of Western and Local favorites. So make sure to order your drinks first and spend some time on the menu. While seated and waiting for our orders, there is complimentary popcorn to share which was a nice welcoming touch.

First, we ordered an iced tea and it was so good. It was in a big glass and it’s fresh you can taste that it wasn’t an instant or powdered iced tea. My friend ordered a Margarita cocktail. For the kids, we ordered a Chocolate Milkshake and it was so good and they loved it.

For the appetizers, we ordered Quesadilla, French Fries, and Onion Rings. All three tasted so good. Quesadillas were so cheezy and meaty and the flavor was really good. The French Fries don’t need ketchup anymore because they are well-seasoned already. And the beer-battered onion rings were definitely one of the best onion rings I’ve had in a long time. We ordered a lot of food to start but we were able to finish it all because it tasted so good. We were very impressed and it was a good way to start our dining adventure.

For the main course, we had their signature burgers, pasta, a pork dish with mashed potatoes, and a steak burrito. I totally forgot the names when you look at the menu, you will see photos of them there. For the kids, we ordered a waffle and fried chicken, pancake, and chocolate milkshake for their drinks.

What can we say about the food? Delicious! I was surprised how the patty of my burger was so juicy and flavorful. I loved the taste of the marinara sauce on our pasta, the pork dish with mashed potato was so tender and it was nicely spiced. The steak burrito was also delicious and it was very filling. We were really surprised by the taste of their food. And for the kids, the waffles and pancakes were cooked beautifully and they were delicious as well.

How we wish we could have still ordered desserts, but our tummies were so full. More reasons to come back to 7Twenty 7 Diner!

7Twenty7 Diner Delivered!

This American diner didn’t disappoint! The food we ordered was great and we couldn’t wait to try out the other food they have on the menu. The price of their food was not bad at all. For the quality of the food and the amount of servings, I found it reasonably priced!

The place was so cool that you want to have photos taken all around the place. The staff was very friendly and professional in providing service to their customers. All in all, thank goodness we have a diner this cool in Imus Cavite and all you need to do is check them out!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/727americandiner





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