/Riding Adventure: 5 Places to Visit in Tanay for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Riding Adventure: 5 Places to Visit in Tanay for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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Are you a rider looking for an exciting adventure in Tanay, Rizal? Look no further! Tanay offers a variety of destinations perfect for a quick getaway on your motorcycle. Recently, my riding group made a planned ride to Tanay Rizal and decided to stay in one of the nicest campsites in the area.

When we talk about riding to Tanay, Marilaque Road will definitely come into the conversation. With its narrow curves and uphill-downhill roads, this ride is going to be one exciting adventure.

We met early in the morning at Shell Pugon, located along Marcos Highway, a popular meet-up place for riders going to Tanay Rizal. As we headed to Tanay early in the morning to avoid the rush, the temperature began to change, and the view just got better and better. It was beautiful.

But let me give you a piece of advice, always go on a chill ride and enjoy the scenery. Marilaque is famous for banking on curves, which is not allowed, so it’s best to stay safe and ride with caution.

Here are a few places we visited in Tanay Rizal that could help you in making your ride itinerary.

Manukan Tambayan

Located along Manila East Road, Manukan Tambayan is a popular stopover for riders. It was basically just a stop over to check on each other if things are going well or not. And, also for last-minute reminders before the roads get challenging along Marilaque. Since it was early morning, the temperature here was so cool and it was also great for picture-taking with your rider groups.


Isaw Haus

Another popular food destination in Tanay is Isaw Haus. This restaurant sits on a hill offering stunning views of Rizal. And since it was early morning, the breeze was cool and relaxing. They offer a wide range of dishes, from breakfast options to main courses. It’s a great place to stop for breakfast before embarking on a major ride.

Regina Rica Pilgrimage Site

Regina Rica is a pilgrimage site located in Tanay, Rizal, Philippines. The site is home to the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia, a non-profit organization that aims to promote prayer and meditation.

The main attraction of the site is the towering statue of Our Lady of Regina Rosarii, which stands at 71-feet tall. Visitors can climb the statue and enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. The site also features a chapel, a rosary garden, and a meditation hill. Regina Rica is a popular destination for pilgrims and tourists alike, and a great place for those seeking spiritual rejuvenation and reflection.

Boss DJ’s Carinderia

For budget-friendly eats, check out Boss DJ’s Carinderia. This local eatery offers a variety of Filipino dishes at very affordable prices. Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance; the food here is delicious and satisfying.

I ordered their famous shawarma, which didn’t disappoint. It was delicious and perfect for those wanting a good lunch. The owner and staff were also very accommodating. Plus, since it’s an open-air establishment, you can enjoy the nice breeze Tanay Rizal has to offer.

Joe and Eve Private Campsite

For a unique, quiet, and great stay in Tanay, consider staying at Joe and Eve Private Campsite. This Japanese-inspired private campsite is perfect for riders who love just to chill, enjoy the view, and swim in their infinity pool. What’s so good about this campsite was it is budget friendly and you got the place all to yourself.

In conclusion, Tanay, Rizal is a great destination for riders looking for a quick escape from the city. With its beautiful scenery, delicious food, and unique accommodations, there’s something for every rider to enjoy. So what are you waiting for? Grab your motorcycle and head on over to Tanay!

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