/Kainan sa Balsa | Floating Restaurant in Bacoor City Cavite

Kainan sa Balsa | Floating Restaurant in Bacoor City Cavite

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If you are looking for a truly excellent restaurant in Bacoor City and a unique dining experience, then Kainan sa Balsa is the place to be.

I had noticed this place before during our visits to friends in Bacoor, but I had never really had the chance to dine there or explore their menu. Fortunately, one of my colleagues suggested going out, and she proposed going to Kainan sa Balsa. After our work shift, we decided to visit the restaurant and sample their dishes.

Floating Cottage

What makes this restaurant unique is that it is a floating establishment. Guests can enjoy dining in one of the many cottages located within the restaurant. While I’m sure the view is amazing during the daytime, since we arrived at night, everything was illuminated with lights, creating a pleasant ambiance. It was quite relaxing, and despite the presence of many guests, it wasn’t overly noisy because the cottages are spaced apart, allowing for privacy.

Kainan sa Balsa’s Cuisine

As we were a large group, we decided to try some of their renowned dishes. The price range of the food is approximately Php 200.00 to over Php 1,000.00. Each cottage has a buzzer, and the staff promptly takes your orders. Soon enough, our food started to arrive, and it all looked incredibly delicious. As we indulged in our feast, I found myself enjoying every bite. The flavors were exceptional, and I ended up loosening my pants due to being so full by the end of the meal.

After our dining experience, I told myself to return to Kainan sa Balsa during the daytime and order my favorite dishes again. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The location and concept are fantastic, making it an ideal place for families to gather and bond over delicious food.

Would I recommend Kainan sa Balsa? Absolutely, without a doubt! I wholeheartedly give this restaurant a 5-star rating!

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