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AIR SUMMIT GOURMET Restaurant in Tayabas Quezon

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TAYABAS QUEZON | Located 150 kilometers away from Manila at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, there is a unique dining place that is creating a buzz and that is AIR SUMMIT GOURMET restaurant. This place is also managed by Kamayan sa Palaisdaan, a renowned restaurant in Tayabas Quezon. Opened in 2016, Air Summit Gourmet has been on national television for it’s uniqueness and of course the food.
On our way to attend a wedding, I told my colleagues about the place, fortunately, a friend saw an airplane right next to the road and I told them, that’s it! That’s where we eating lunch!
The restaurant just opened and we were the first guests to be on board this flight. We were so excited to see what it’s like inside and to taste the food since it was also lunch time. But before boarding your flight, you need to check-in.

They have a small airport-like reception, where diners must first get their boarding pass to be handed in by their flight-stewards and stewardess. It almost felt like you are really about to fly somewhere and we really enjoyed the whole process.
air summit gourmet attendants
air summit gourmet boarding pass
After a few minutes, it was finally time for us to board the aircraft. We couldn’t wait to have a glimpse of this aircraft. It was truly a unique dining experience!
I was not sure if it’s an Airbus or a Boeing. It’s so cool that they were able to bring this aircraft piece by piece and assemble it on a location that is slightly elevated and can clearly be seen from the main road.
air summit gourmet airplane restaurant
We had no clue at all what it was like inside, and as the door opened what we saw blew us away. The elegant chairs, the cutlery and fabrics used, the sweet scent of the restaurant, everything inside was first class.
restaurant in tayabas quezon
To add more elegance to the whole atmosphere, chandeliers were added to some tables.
From the normal windows you find on the plane, they also cut a portion of it making it bigger and you get a nice view of nature. While inside, it really felt different, you felt as though you were really up in the air. From time to time, you will hear messages from the flight attendants over their speakers. It was really cool!
After taking photos in every corner of the plane, we ordered our food.  They have so much to choose from the menu but we could only order food we knew we could finish.


Since we were only four, we decided to order meals to share. I ordered sodas to drink and one of my friends ordered a ripe mango shake. For the size of the shake, I think the price is really worth it. One thing we observed was the servings were really good enough for sharing.


ripe mango shake

BEEF KARE-KARE – Php 700.00

A very famous Filipino dish, the beef kare-kare is a beef stew with peanut sauce, vegetables, and complemented with shrimp paste called Alamang.
beef kare-kare


To pair with our other dish, we decided to order their deep fried chicken with a potato salad on the side which is one of their best sellers. The salad was really delicious and the chicken was cooked really well. No left overs after that sumptuous meals.
deep fried chicken
Rice – Php 45.00 / cup
Sodas – Php 80.00 / can
Mineral Water – Php 45.00 / bottle
Air Summit Gourmet exceeded our expectations with regards to the whole experience and the food. Though others may find it expensive but for us, it’s totally worth it. This just makes a visit to Tayabas more exciting adding more activities to those looking for a different and good dining experience in the Province of Quezon.

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Brgy. Dapdap, Tayabas City
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