/Green House Café in Tagaytay City

Green House Café in Tagaytay City

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I like visiting Tagaytay because we always see and find new places to explore, dine, stay, and much more. And, since I am going to go for a staycation in Tagaytay, I decided to go for a quick visit to one of the most Instagrammable places at present in Tagaytay, and that is the Greenhouse Café in Tagaytay City.

To get to Greenhouse Café is quite easy because you can easily Waze or use Google Maps for the direction.

When I arrived at the place, I was immediately drawn with various plants that you can see inside the café. I was fortunate because it wasn’t too busy when I arrived and I was able to find a nice table. The café is not really that big, but has a good number of tables and chairs which I guess can accommodate up to 80 pax. Since it’s also very open, you can still feel the cold that Tagaytay is famous for.


When I got inside, I was amazed by the wide array of plants you can find inside the restaurant. And if you are a plant enthusiast or a plantito, this place will definitely give you joy.

For this visit, I ordered a clubhouse sandwich and pasta, which I both enjoyed. I like the creaminess of the clubhouse sandwich, and also the pasta was cooked perfectly. While eating, I couldn’t get my eyes off the different plants around me. They were so lush, and it looked like they were very looked after.

It was busy, but the staff was also very nice and friendly and very prompt with the orders.

It was a short visit. I basically just went out there for a quick snack but ended up staying a bit longer because I was really admiring the plants.

Just like its name, aside from the Greenhouse giving life to the plants, Greenhouse café also gives its guests a very satisfying dining experience that you definitely would like to come back to again. I will!

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