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LTO Requirements for Additional Restriction for DL Code A – Motorcycle

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Do you want to drive a scooter or a motorcycle but you cannot because of the restriction on your driver’s license? Well, that’s what just happened to me. I thought I could but on my license code, it clearly stated that I could only drive 4-wheel vehicles. With the rising fuel costs, there is no doubt that having a scooter to go to work and around is the best choice. So now, I am going to explain to you the process of how you can add restrictions to your license. Step by step! 

Can I add a restriction/s upon renewing my license? NO! A lot of things have changed and there are things you need to do first before you can add. 

But remember with the new DL Code, you need to be specific if you want a license for a scooter that is AUTOMATIC (DL Code A ) or a DL Code A1 which is a tricycle and at the same time can drive a MANUAL motorcycle. 

Step 1 – Enroll yourself in a Driving School     

Upon asking LTO Imus District Office when I renewed my license, they told me that I need to get a certification and that I had to experience some motorcycle training from a driving school. I was driving along Aguinaldo Highway and I found IDrive Driving School just across Yazaki in Imus. I immediately enrolled myself in an 8-hour course which included lectures and practice motorcycle driving. 

They have training classes every day, all you need to do is call them or visit them in their office. It was fast and the next day I already started my training. The staff was very friendly their trainers were also very professional and approachable. They were very responsive to my queries on  Facebook messenger.

After several days, I finally got my CERTIFICATION that I could present at the LTO office. It also comes with an Application Form for the LTO. DO NOT FORGET to also include the receipt as they will also ask for that at the LTO Office. 

So, at the driving school, you will have the following: CERTIFICATION, RECEIPT, and Application Form.

STEP 2 – Get a Medical Certificate

What I like about the LTO District Office is the availability of all the services that you will need on your registration or application. Just across from the LTO, you will find a clinic where you get a medical certificate. They will check your height, weight, and vision and will ask you some questions as well. 

The total cost of the Medical was Php 450.00.

Step 3 – Hand in your Application Form 

The next step is to hand in your application form along with your driving certificate from the driving school, receipt, and medical certificate. Once accepted, they will ask you to wait for your name to be called at a different window. 

Step 4 – Prepare for the Exam

Oh yes! You read it right! There is no exception here, whether you are a new driver or adding restriction, you are going to take the exam with them. They told me that before but I ignored it because I told myself it was just adding restrictions but I was wrong. So after finding out that I will have an exam, we immediately reviewed it online. There are so many reviewers online and my advice is to not stick to one reviewer but check on other videos and posts as well. 

Examination Fee – Php 100.00

Here are the following reviewers I used: 


Free LTO Driver’s License Exam Reviewer with Answers included

LTO Reviewer 2022

You can choose English or Tagalog: I chose Tagalog. 

I must admit, I was scared because some applicants do fail the exam. I did not want that to happen so the whole day, I was just reading and reviewing everything I saw online. The computer exam is a bit sensitive since there is also a webcam and if you look from side to side, the exam will be paused. So when taking the exam, just focus on it and look straight. Read the questions and choices carefully too. 

No. Items – 60 

Passing Score – 48 ( I am not so sure)

My score: 54/60, YEY!!!!

If only I could scream in the testing area I would but I have to be calm because it’s not over yet! 

Step 5 – Prepare for the Practical Driving Test 

Aside from the exam, you have to show them you can drive. I’m very used to cars and I don’t have much experience with motorbikes. But, I just have to remember what IDrive Driving School taught me, especially about safety measures and other things to remember, the assessor gave me a THUMBS UP! From there, I could already see the light at the end of the tunnel! Lol.

Step 6 – Pay your license fee and wait for a few minutes to claim it

Now that you passed both the examination and the practical test, just wait for your name to be called by the cashier and pay the following: 

Change DL Category – Php 100.00

Replacement Fee of License – Php 225.00

After I paid, I was called to Window 6 and got my LICENSE! Thank you, LORD!

Here are some basic reminders:

  1. Consider that your application process will take a WHOLE DAY!
  2. Review, Review, and review for the exam!
  3. Make sure to bring all the documents needed.
  4. PRAY and BELIEVE in yourself! 

Well, I hope this article helps! Safe driving everyone and hoping for the best as always!


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