/Caffe Nativo | A very artistic coffee shop in Tagaytay which also serves good food!

Caffe Nativo | A very artistic coffee shop in Tagaytay which also serves good food!

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Being one of the prime tourist destinations in the Philippines, Tagaytay is definitely at the top of most “must do” lists. With amazing views of the Taal Volcano and cool weather, Tagaytay is also a destination of choice if you are a foodie lover. One place I can recommend to you is Caffe Nativo.

Caffe Nativo is located just outside Cityland Prime Residences. Another famous place in the area for staycations.  During our visit, some of the residents and tourists were also dining here instead of buying outside. There must be something special about this place that is the reason why we decided to visit.

What makes Caffe Nativo so cool?

Well, I will talk about the food later, but upon entering, your eyes will be drawn to the wall paintings, which basically surround the whole place. These paintings will remind you how it feels good to be a Filipino. On the right side, you will have the map of the Philippines, you will have the Taal Volcano on one side, the streets of Vigan in Ilocos and so much more.  I just found it really so cool and I am sure you will also enjoy it when you visit.

Message Corner from all of their guests can also be seen on the other side of the cafe.

Must-try Coffee and Food

Aside from how cool the place looked, I think their coffee and food are something we cannot ignore. We were served with coffee and their best seller foods and after tasting each one, I was really surprised at how good their food tasted.

You must try Mocha Coffee and for me, I ordered an Americano and Cappuccino. They also have other types of coffee on the menu and Frappes as well that you can try. Their coffee was strong and that’s how I like my coffee. They put it in a big mug which I appreciated as a coffee-lover.

You can also try their best-seller all-day breakfast just like that Tapsilog, HungarianSilog [not sure what’s called.. lol], and Liempsilog. Their servings were very generous and all tasted really good.




For snacks, you can try their Creamy Carbonara and their Clubhouse Sandwich. Both were my favorite and they also tasted really good. All in all, my tummy was so full, and I really enjoyed every bite.



For desserts, if you still have some space, it’s worth trying the Blueberry Cheesecake and Campfire chocolate cake. I am telling you every bite is a delight.


Caffe Nativo is highly recommended!

The place may look like a normal coffee shop from the outside, but once you walk in, that’s where the surprises starts and you will leave the place with a happy tummy because their drinks and food were just so satisfying. I am so happy that my colleagues Mam Levin and Sir Eljay invited me to come along with them to give Caffe Nativo a try. And on my next visit to Tagaytay, Caffe Nativo is definitely on the list.


Here is Teacher Levin’s Vlog during our visit.

Enjoy and they are looking forward to welcoming you to Caffe Nativo. 


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