/IKEA Philippines | Exploring the Largest Furniture Store in the World

IKEA Philippines | Exploring the Largest Furniture Store in the World

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If you are looking for quality and yet affordable homeware and furniture, IKEA is the name we can’t deny as the best option to go to. It just feels so great that they have finally opened a store here in the Philippines and, in addition, they didn’t just build any old store, but made the largest IKEA store in the world.


Even before IKEA opened in the Philippines, I’ve heard of them a long time ago with friends especially working or visiting from overseas. Before they come back to the Philippines, they make sure they stop at IKEA first and bought stuff that they could bring back. Plus, the signature blue or yellow huge shopping bag with  IKEA on the strap made me wish that I hope someday we will have an IKEA store in the Philippines – and last November 2021, they finally opened their doors to the Filipinos! Thank goodness!

We were so excited when we found out they finally opened, but we decided to go at a much later time because they said, and I could see from my timeline, that there were so many people visiting IKEA. But regardless of the time, there are still a lot of people visiting IKEA.

We arrived at IKEA early morning just before 10 am and you could already see people lining up outside waiting for the store to open. Walk-in is now allowed as long as you can present your Covid-19 vaccination card.

IKEA Store Hours

Monday  – Sunday | 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

IKEA Swedish Bistro

Aside from furniture shopping, I highly recommend that before you start walking around the biggest IKEA store in the world, you first go to their Swedish Bistro and try their famous meatballs. In addition to that, they also have must-try food on the menu at a very affordable price. We were really surprised by the prices of the food. No wonder, their line to get to their bistro is always long. But if you have someone with you who is a Senior Citizen or a PWD, there is a special queue for that and you may not need to wait for hours to get in.

The Swedish Bistro is huge and can accommodate hundreds of people. I like how open it is and it’s quite cozy as well. It’s a self-service type so make sure to keep the table clean for the next guests and put the plates and leftovers in the proper place.

I also like the system they have for ordering food. It’s very efficient that even with long lines, the queue moves fast.

When we found a seat, we immediately munched our food and, oh my goodness, it was really good. I loved the meatballs and their cakes were really good. We also tried the drinks and their sodas were indeed refreshing. The coffee was very strong, but I still liked it.

Meatballs | 20 pcs x Php 275

Green Salad | Php 55

Salmon Mayo Croissant | Php 129

Apple Cake | Php 85

Crunchy Almond Chocolate Cake | Php 85

If you want good food, coming to IKEA’s Swedish Bistro is a good choice!


IKEA Showroom

On the same level where Swedish Bistro is located, you will find different showrooms that will definitely give you so many ideas how you can re-create your offices or the house. I’ve never seen this type of set-up before but this is actually a very good idea. With different concepts and perceptions of designs, this will definitely bring out the creativeness in you. Just expect that the showroom is always packed. And when you visit IKEA, don’t rush ok. It’s a big place and expect a lot of walking, so wear something that is very comfy and make sure to hydrate as well.

IKEA Store

Yes – they welcome you to sit on their chairs and try out their beds!  After walking around the showroom, I am sure you’ve seen something that you already liked. If you are wondering where to get these items, it is at the IKEA store just below the showroom. We got so confused before because we wanted to get a throw pillow but we did not know the price and we did not know how to get them.  Staff approached us and told us that they are all found at the store.

What I can advise is to take a photo of  the item you like so when you go to the store, you will find what you are looking for. Otherwise, you can just walk around the store and I promise you will find a lot of good deals and quality goods. It could be another overwhelming place for everyone so don’t rush and take it in. It’s very hard to go out without carrying something. Lol…

Ikea Online Shopping

Another alternative way of shopping at IKEA is by going online by downloading their IKEA Shopping app. Do not forget to also download the IKEA Family eCard where you can earn points every time you shop at IKEA.

Exploring IKEA in Pasay was actually really fun and if you want to get ideas on improving your homes, then visiting this place would definitely help. You can get a lot of quality items at a very affordable price. I am just so happy that we now have an IKEA in the Philippines and not just that, the Biggest IKEA in the world!

Store location

Marina Way, Mall of Asia Complex
Brgy. 76 Zone 10, CBP-IA, 1300
Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines






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