/A Delicious Bowl of LOBSTER PHO at Dao Place Vietnamese Cuisine

A Delicious Bowl of LOBSTER PHO at Dao Place Vietnamese Cuisine

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HO CHI MINH, VIETNAM | Out of so many restaurants in Saigon, If there is one Vietnamese Food that I wouldn’t miss, it would be the LOBSTER PHO at Dao Place Vietnamese Cuisine. 
While working on our itinerary, I came across this delicious looking dish which is the lobster pho. And when I looked for the restaurant on the map, I found out that it was so close to where we were going to stay at the Avanti Boutique Hotel. The Lobster Pho is so famous, it’s been featured many times on TV and also Social Media by local and international influencers.
After walking around and visiting to some tourist attractions in Ho Chi Minh, we walked our way back to our hotel, rested for a bit and off we went to Dao Place for lunch. We were so looking forward to our lunch and to get a taste of the Lobster Pho.

What is a PHO? 

It’s a famous Vietnamese noodle soup dish normally made from beef, chicken or sea food mixed with different spices and rice noodles.

We arrived at exactly 12:00 noon at Dao Place and luckily it wasn’t too busy yet. From the outside you could already see some of the their famous Vietnamese cuisine on display and of course, the Lobster Seafood Pho locally known as the “Pho Tom Hum”.

Check the Menu: Click Here
Enjoy the lovely ambiance and the friendly staff once you entered Dao Place. We really loved the warmth and the little touches of everything inside and of course the use of the colorful porcelain tiles that are very famous in Vietnam.
Dao Place, together with another famous foodie destination in Ho Chi Minh, Pho 2000, have been recognized and visited by some notable dignitaries such as US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, to name a few.
While I was having my Saigon Beer, a big bowl arrived on our table and it was the LOBSTER PHO! And the first word that came our mouths was WOW! We were speechless because it was so beautifully presented!
 It’s so beautiful to look at you don’t want to touch or eat it.
Seafood Lobster Pho – 499k VND – Php 1,170.00 – USD 21.40
For me, it’s totally worth the price. The Lobster Pho is good enough for sharing. The soup was so flavorful, there’s a good serving of rice noodles, you also have other shellfish in the bowl aside from the lobster, and herbs and spices to add to the dish as part of the condiments. It’s a beautiful and great tasting dish!

How to Eat a Lobster Pho? 

On the photo, you can see that there is another plate. That is where you are going to put the lobster. After that, you can add the other condiments such as lime, chili and greens. Then divide the soup into two or depending on how many would want to try it. Start pulling the meat out of the lobster and dip it in specially made dip by Dao Place which is has a little hint of citrus in it. It complemented the meal really well!

Must eat restaurant in Ho Chi Minh?

Oh yeah! Dao Place Vietnamese Cuisine didn’t disappoint us at all. In fact, it even exceeded our expectations. The location of the restaurant is so central, there is no way of missing out because it’s less than 100 meters away from Ben Thanh Market. The staff were amazing and I would also like to commend the General Manager of Dao Place Ms.Ha for being so helpful and accommodating during our visit.
The Lobster Pho isa must try for everyone visiting Ho Chi Minh. It’s a one of the best Vietnamese meals I’ve tasted. The dish is so delicious, it lingers on your tongue forever!
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