/THE PERFECT PINT – Finally Brewing Quality Craft Beers in Alabang!

THE PERFECT PINT – Finally Brewing Quality Craft Beers in Alabang!

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A few days ago, I received an invitation to the launching of a new gastropub at Molito in Alabang.  I am not really a beer drinker but this one is so completely different from your usual pub. The Perfect Pint actually brew their own beers right in the pub. Now that is a different story!
When I was in the UK, we used to go to so many pubs and try out their different craft beers which was great. So when I was invited, I immediately said YES!
The Perfect Pint is located in Molito which is basically right next to Alabang Town Center.

Since we arrived quite early and while waiting for the program to start, we didn’t hesitate to order their crafted beers. It was a hot day and I think a nice cold crafted beer is a perfect choice for that.
I know that I would be able to taste all their beers later on but for now I wanted to try out first the Thirsty Dog and my friend decided to try Black Mamba since he is from South Africa. And much to our surprise, we loved it!
Thirsty Dog is a golden yellow wheat beer with the aroma of cloves and a hint of banana flavor. This one offers everyone a very smooth and refreshing taste.
If you like something deep, try this Black Mamba. This stout is a robust drink with a distinct notes of espresso, chocolate, roasted malt and black barley. For those Guinness lovers – it provides a delicious alternative.  I just loved this one too!
Each beer is handcrafted to its perfection right in a state of the art facility above the pub. I love these bottles, but most specially the unique flavor in each bottle. Some of The Perfect Pint crafted beers are Oakey Dokey, Street Smart, Thirsty Dog, Holy Grail, Black Mamba, and many more. Each name has an interesting story attached to it.  Best is to order one each and share it with your friends and compare. Almost similar to wine tasting.
When the program started, the master brewer himself,  Mr. Alec Tempongko, along with his brothers explained their love and passion in making craft beers which are now being enjoyed by all.
The bar section just before the ribbon cutting. Aside from craft beers, they also have other drinks on the menu. But I much prefer their beers over these!
Master brewer Alec Tempongko brought us upstairs and explained to us how his beers are made. He explained to us the different types of malt that he used and how he could come up with different signature flavors that is only found in The Perfect Pint.
The aromas that you can smell from these jars are simply a delight to your senses.
The brewing goes through several processes and the Master Brewer briefly explained everything to us. From milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, cooling, fermentation, conditioning, and then the bottling. It’s like a big experiment and the result…deliciously flavored beers.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Perfect Pint crafted beers!
For special event and parties, they have this mobile bar which is perfect for any types of occasion. Sounds like a future plan for my birthday!
These crafted beers are never complete without mouth watering dishes that are especially prepared to pair with your beer. Here are just some of my favorites.
Heap of Fresh Bacon – Enjoy the crunchiness and taste of this bacon. A perfect dish to start with.
Calamari Negra: Don’t be deceived by it’s looks, this dish is delicious and I am sure you will say the same after tasting this dish.
Buffalo Wings: One of the best plate of buffalo wings I’ve tasted! I like the fact that I can taste it’s spiciness and the crispiness of the chicken.
Perfect Pint Sausage Platter: Everybody loves sausages and this one at The Perfect Pint is one example why I would go back for more.
The Perfect Pint Gastropub indeed is a great addition to the the restaurants in the South of Manila.
With its food and great tasting crafted beers, this will surely captivate the taste buds of every person – beer lovers or not – in Alabang and nearby areas in the South!
For a great experience – visit them at Molito now!
For inquiries,
you may call them at (02)815-9975
or (02)815-9973

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