/ACUAVERDE Laiya | A Great Place To Be For Pet lovers

ACUAVERDE Laiya | A Great Place To Be For Pet lovers

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Looking for a pet friendly beach resort in Batangas? Well, we love our dogs a lot and we normally take them to different places like the beach. It also serves as a short vacation for us too. It has been years since we last visited Laiya, Batangas that is why we chose this place to take the dogs with us for a night. The travel from Manila to Laiya only took us 3 hours. GPS helped us a lot though, but  you see signs or directions along the road as well.  We did all our reservations via phone and deposited in full payment.
When you book, full board meals are also included in their rate since restaurants are very limited in the area. Check in was at 2pm, but we decided to leave very early hoping for an early check in and for the dogs to play around on the beach. This was our second time at Acuaverde, and as always we were very impressed. The place was well maintained and the staff were very friendly. While waiting for an early check in, I decided to have a quick look around the area.
I love how this place stays very close to nature. I love resorts surrounded by trees and not concrete. 



Be a responsible pet owner. Our dogs did No. 2 while on the beach, make sure to bring toilet paper and plastic bags. Pick the deposit up and dispose properly. 
View of our room. I liked the interior a lot, not overly decorated but everything we needed was there. 





Reception area. 


Their staircase to the restaurant. 
View from the restaurant. 


Brewed coffee is complimentary. You can have as many as you want. 


Whiskey and Pogi surely had a great time and so did we. 



If you want to check on rooms and other services, you may check their website. 



Acuaverde has maintained its quality of service and the resort itself was beautiful. A perfect place for the family and friends. Our bill came out to around Php 9000.00 per night for two including a pet fee of Php 800.00 per dog and full board meals. Just a piece of advice, better book ahead of time as the resorts there can get fully booked.


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