/ACUAVERDE – A Pet-Friendly Resort in Laiya

ACUAVERDE – A Pet-Friendly Resort in Laiya

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Few years back, I’ve stayed in a place called Tivona Resort which is the same place as Acuaverde Resort. I have decided to stay here because we are bringing our two dogs with us. I’v searched on the internet and I just found out that Tivona is now ACUAVERDE …. The place has changed so much and still THEY ACCEPT PETS! And that is great news for those who wants to bring their pets with them.The resort has changed a lot from what I remember and its so tasteful! The concept and the design of the resort are very pretty and nicely done.. It feels like a garden resort to me and I love the way how they landscaped the place.
The rooms are also very cozy.Everything you need is there .. Beds are comfy including pillows. Bathrooms are nice, clean and they have water heaters. I also like the openness of the room. You can always open the curtains and you have the view of the resort in front of you. It’s also nice to hear the waves in your room. Oh! on their beach front, they’ve got these chalets which is the best in Laiya… It looks very posh and again Tasteful!
The price I find reasonable as well, since it includes buffet breakfast and dinner. The Barako coffee is also unlimited.Their coffee is very strong which I prefer! Drinking water is also not a problem as they have dispensers.
Stayed in a resort called Acuaverde Beach Resort . Love the place and I considered this as one of the best resort along Laiya. Here is my review of the resort:
acuaverde beach resort laiya batangas
We stayed in one of these rooms
I just love to rest here and get a tan
They have a great staff, good security guards and life guard on duty all the time, so we just leave our stuff there in the chalets and they look after our belongings. It’s makes us feel safe and enjoy our swimming more. Service with a smile is what we always get in Acuaverde.
Their Reception Area
Their coffee is unlimited and they have the best brewed coffee!
As a pet lover, this place accept pets… Hooray!
I feel safe here!
I just love this, Place where you want to stay away from the sun a bit but still close to the ocean. Just perfect…
Still, Acuaverde is a great place to stay! I wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Laiya except for Acuaverde. I believed that ACUAVERDE is one of the best place and one of the most tasteful place in LAIYA! Plus, Pet Friendly!
More about this place: www.acuaverderesort.com.ph


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