/Parola Island: Your Ultimate Guide to Subic Bay’s Hidden Gem

Parola Island: Your Ultimate Guide to Subic Bay’s Hidden Gem

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If you’re looking for a serene and picturesque destination in the Philippines, Parola Island in Subic Bay should definitely be on your list. This beautiful island is located in Zambales province and is known for its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, and awe-inspiring views.

Since we are currently staying at the White Rock Beach Hotel and Waterpark, why not check out this cute little island just a few minutes’ boat ride away from where we’re staying?

How to Get to Parola Island

Getting to Parola Island is relatively easy. When in Subic, there are boatmen walking around offering island tours. But since we had limited time, we decided to choose just one. We walked a few meters away from Whiterock Beach Hotel towards where the boat was already waiting for us. It was easy and breezy.

The boat ride takes approximately 30 minutes, and the round trip usually costs Php 1,500 to Php 3,000, depending on the number of guests or the size of the boat.

For boat rentals, you may contact Russel at these numbers:

09673684925 or 09462198380

What to Expect on Parola Island

Upon reaching Parola Island, we noticed that there were already a lot of people on the island. Luckily, we were able to find a table for Php 500 where we could stay while on the island.

Although the island is relatively small, it’s perfect for a day trip or even a weekend getaway. You can go swimming, sunbathing, and explore the island’s rocky cliffs and hidden coves. However, keep in mind that overnight stay is still not allowed on the island.

Our kids had a great time swimming around with family and friends. We cooked some barbecue and just swam and chilled on the shady part of the island. The water was pristine clear, and the breeze was so relaxing.

One of the highlights of Parola Island is the Parola Lighthouse. This historic structure was built in the 1800s and still stands tall on the island, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding waters. You can climb up to where the lighthouse is, but I am not sure if you can go all the way to the top.

Tips for a Memorable Trip to Parola Island

To make the most of your visit to Parola Island, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s heat.

Bring enough food and drinks for your stay on the island since there are no stores there.

Please be sure to clean up after yourself and leave no trace behind.

Bring a waterproof bag and a camera to capture the island’s stunning views. You can definitely capture some great shots here!

We stayed on the island until 5:30 in the afternoon, just before it got dark. We were lucky because the sunset was so beautiful. If you’re looking for a nice and quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, Parola Island is the perfect destination for you.

With its stunning views, clear waters, and beaches, you’re sure to have a memorable trip. Just remember to plan ahead, pack your essentials, and respect the island’s natural beauty.

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