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APO Divers | Your Ideal Dive Resort in San Juan Beach, Siquijor Island

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If you’re planning a visit to Siquijor Island and seeking a dive resort located on the pristine white sands of San Juan, then look no further than Apo Divers.

On our second vacation trip to Siquijor Island, we faced the challenge of finding a resort that not only fit our budget but also offered proximity to a variety of activities. After extensive online research and reaching out to various options, Apo Divers quickly emerged as our top choice. To our delight, they promptly addressed all our inquiries, and the icing on the cake was the availability of rooms for our preferred dates. Situated in San Juan, Apo Divers is an excellent choice for those who enjoy scuba diving, free diving, white sand beaches, and much more.

Getting to Siquijor typically involves flying from Manila to Dumaguete as the most popular option for budget travelers. From Dumaguete, you can either take a tricycle or a van (approximately Php 500) if you’re traveling with family or a group.

ferry schedule to siquijor and dumaguete

siquijor port

Upon arriving at the port, we secured a fast jet to Siquijor Island. I recommend arriving early at the port to increase your chances of finding scheduled trips and securing a ticket.

Upon reaching Siquijor, we hired a small jeepney cab to transport us to the resort. The resort manager welcomed us upon arrival, and after completing the necessary paperwork, we were excited to check out our room.

multi cab in siquijor


Our room at Apo Divers pleasantly surprised us with its spaciousness and well-thought-out amenities. It included a private balcony, a fully equipped kitchenette, a spacious shower area, and efficient air conditioning.

For those seeking relaxation, a lovely swimming pool is located right outside your doorstep, accompanied by the charming El Kabron cocktail bar. You can practice your diving or free diving skills in their pool or simply relax and order drinks and snacks from El Kabron.

If you’re a diving enthusiast, Apo Divers offers the opportunity to book exciting dive excursions, allowing you to explore the rich marine biodiversity of Siquijor Island.

One of the standout features of staying at Apo Divers is its pristine beach. The powdery white sand is meticulously maintained by the staff, providing an idyllic setting for dining or sipping a drink while taking in the breathtaking sunset. You’ll definitely have an enjoyable time!

The only minor inconvenience we encountered was the noise from the adjacent resort, JJ’s Backpackers, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays. JJ’s Backpackers has gained popularity on the island for its lively parties during weekends. However, we managed to mitigate this disturbance by using sleeping pills, which proved effective in minimizing the noise. Although the noise was audible, it didn’t disrupt our overall experience.

The beach retained its stunning beauty, much as I remembered from my previous visit. The fine white sand and crystal-clear, calm waters made swimming in front of Apo Divers an absolute pleasure. Our children also had a blast playing in the sand and along the beach. During low tide, you can stroll along the sandbar and witness a mesmerizing sunset.

Our stay at APO Divers was nothing short of amazing. I wish we could have booked a dive with them, but due to limited time and availability, we couldn’t. We will definitely save it for next time.

From the warm hospitality and well-appointed accommodations to the pristine beach and delectable food and drinks served at El Kabron, we couldn’t have made a better choice. Apo Divers combines the best of location and affordability, ensuring a memorable stay on Siquijor Island.

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