/Zion Grace Campsite in Ligaya Drive Talisay Batangas

Zion Grace Campsite in Ligaya Drive Talisay Batangas

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Camping is one of the various hobbies that people are now thinking about in addition to staycations. Going camping is a wise decision, whether the goal is relaxation with family and friends or simply to be by yourself. The good news is that I discovered a new campsite in Talisay and it is called the  Zion Grace Camp.

One factor I took into account when searching for a campsite online was our budget. We didn’t want it to be too pricey. We also considered whether we wanted a campsite with a view or one that was in the middle of a forest. We settled for a location with a nice view. When we discovered Zion Grace Camp, all of this made sense.

The Zion Grace Camp is situated in Barangay San Guillermo, Talisay Batangas, along Ligaya Drive. Just be cautious to check your brakes well because the roads can be challenging for some, but you will appreciate the view as you drive down Ligaya Road.

Overnight Camping Rates

As previously indicated, Zion Grace Camp charges really fair prices. The current rates are listed below, and a 20% deposit is needed to secure your reservation which can be paid through Gcash.

2pm – 11 am ₱350 per head

₱150 – for kids 5yrs old and below

₱150 – pitching tent fee

Tent rent:(no pitching fee required if renting)

Good for 2pax – 300

Good for 3pax – 500

Good for 4pax – 700

Amenities: CR, Solar lights, nipa hut, grill, Bonfire

We simply took a leisurely drive to Tagaytay on the way to Zion Grace Camp and stopped at a supermarket to pick up the supplies we would need to bring to the campsite. After that, we proceeded to Ligaya Road and had a leisurely journey to Zion Grace. The breathtaking scenery of Taal Volcano made me enjoy the drive down here. Simply said, it was amazing.

How to get to Zion Grace Campsite?

We were able to find the campsite with the use of Google Maps, and the Taal Lake view was undoubtedly one of the nicest. At the campsite, work was being done, including paving the road, but we weren’t concerned because it had to be done anyway.


Arriving at Camp Zion Grace

After a few minutes, they called us to let us know that our tent was ready. We arrived at our campsite and were incredibly happy to see how spacious it was. The entire slope is ours to use, an entire area with a spectacular view of Taal Lake. Even though there were other campers nearby, we were still able to move around comfortably and play with the kids.  It was actually quiet and peaceful.

Drinking water is also available upon request, and the staff are always there to help you if there is a need.

Building a bonfire is one of the things you can do after dark. You must build your own fire; they will provide wood if you ask them to do so. For the entire family and group of friends, it was a fun activity. Remember to pack some marshmallows and Graham crackers for delicious Smores before you turn in for the night.

Remember this

Just remember, don’t forget to simply slow down and relax together with all of these. This should be the main objective. This experience is the perfect opportunity to release all the bad vibes that have been troubling you. Arranging your thoughts or ideas can help you feel renewed and ready to take on any challenges that may arise.

The following day, we woke up early and just sat outside with a cup of Kapeng Barako while waiting for the sunrise over the Taal Volcano.

Although the bathroom is still being renovated, the toilet is functional, and I am grateful to the Kuyas who work there for consistently filling the water bucket. As we prepared to leave the camp, we took a nice bath.

Overall, we were quite pleased with our decision to stay at Camp Zion Grace Camp in Talisay, Batangas. The location was perfect and, in my opinion, a place to see the Taal Volcano in its most breathtaking form.

A special thanks go out to the crew for caring for us while we were guests. Also, Zion Grace Camp is an excellent choice if you’re seeking a lovely, quiet, and tranquil environment.

Facebook Page & Booking Inqueries | https://www.facebook.com/campziongracetalisay

Phone Number | 0969 022 7359

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