/Twin Lakes Hotel in Tagaytay – What a nice Staycation Hotel!

Twin Lakes Hotel in Tagaytay – What a nice Staycation Hotel!

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As restrictions are easing up slowly and safely, Tagaytay is booming again with tourists going on for a staycation or just a day trip with family, friends, or loved ones. Aside from the famous tourist destinations in Tagaytay, Twin Lakes is becoming part of that list because of the scenic views and number of restaurants that surround the Twin Lakes. It’s like, a trip to Tagaytay is never complete without visiting Twin Lakes.


But, did you also know that aside from the number of places to eat at Twin Lakes, there is also a nice hotel where you can have your staycation? Yes, there is, and it’s called Twin Lakes Hotel! One day, I decided to book a night in this hotel during the weekdays to avoid too much crowd.

Antigen Test is Required

It was so easy to book directly on their website. Upon arrival, you will first need a nasal antigen test which is part of their requirement. If you have one done within 24 hrs, you have to show it to them; otherwise, they have a place where you have your covid test before check-in.

Check-in time is at 2:00 pm.

Check-out time is at 12:00 nn

To reserve: 


Twin Lakes Superior Room

When they handed me the key card, I immediately went to the room to see what it was like, and I could not wait to see the view on my room balcony. When I opened, I was welcomed with a very spacious room, and the view from the balcony was everything I expected. It was facing Taal Lake; the view was spectacular.

In the room, you have almost everything you need. Fridge, nice big tv, fast internet, and most of all, very comfy pillows and bed. But most of the time, especially in the afternoon and at night, I was just at the balcony enjoying the view. It was a lovely room, and I want to do nothing but relax basically.


Dining at Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes Hotel has a complimentary van service that will bring you up to where the restaurants are. Just don’t forget to ask the concierge about their daily trip schedules. I find that very convenient, and because of that, I had a nice dinner at Bag of Beans.

At night, I went back to my room and just sat on the balcony to enjoy the Tagaytay breeze even if I don’t see any view. It was just so nice and cool, and it will definitely relax your body and mind.


Buffet Breakfast at Twin Lakes Cafe

After a nice sleep, time to go to Twin Lakes Cafe for some breakfast. With the new protocol, they have made it safer for their guest. Instead of getting the food, you have to point the food you like, and they will put it on your plate. Breakfast was good, and there’s a wide array of food to choose from. From western to local dishes, they’ve got it all for you.

Twin Lakes Infinity Pool

One of the nicest amenities they have here is the infinity pool. But with the new protocol, you have to book a slot at the concierge and ask for the available time when you can use the pool. This is to avoid overcrowding which for me is a good idea. So before checking out, I decided to go for a dip at the infinity pool, which was fantastic! I wish I could stay longer in the pool, to be honest.

They also have a fitness gym and a game room for it’s guest. But since the hotel practice health protocols, these amenities are not yet available.

All in all, it was an amazing staycation, and even though I am by myself, I still had a great and relaxing time. Twin Lakes Hotel really delivered their services well, even with the pandemic. Is it worth it at Twin Lakes Hotel? Definitely! You are really making your money worth at this hotel, and I couldn’t ask for more with the hospitality. A nice staycation indeed!








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