/Palm Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas [ Resort Review]

Palm Beach Resort in Laiya Batangas [ Resort Review]

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A nice trip to the beach would always be a good idea. Don’t you agree? 

This has been on my mind since day 1 of the lockdown, and with the easing of restrictions and more resorts are opening up, we couldn’t think of anything but to organize a trip to a nice beach bringing family along. One place that came to mind and that is San Juan in Laiya Batangas. With the long stretch of beach and crystal clear water, Laiya Batangas is the place to be!

Out of many beach resorts in Laiya, one resort has finally opened and got approval from the Department of Tourism to operate, and that is the Palm Beach Resort.

Looking at the website, I could see that It’s private and a big place with different activities to do with the family. After some discussion, we decided to definitely book for two nights, and we could not wait.

Getting to Palm Beach Resort

First, leave as early as possible! This is for you to avoid the traffic in the SLEX and other towns as you drive towards San Juan in Laiya Batangas. The Google Map really helped us a lot getting there. Are there any police or military checkpoints? None!

The only you will come across is the Municipal Tourism Reception Area, where they will ask for your reservation and pay Php 20.00 Environmental Fee. That’s it!

Roads are definitely improving along San Juan, but there were some bumpy spots, especially going to the resort, so be careful and drive carefully. It may be a challenge for lowered cars, but you can definitely get through it.

Travel time from Manila to Laiya is between 3 to 4 hours.

Saliva Covid-19 Test at Palm Beach Resort

Following the IATF Protocol, a reservation is a must which the Security Guards will check as you arrive. Next, a Saliva Test for Covid-19 is required, which you can do at the resort itself. Otherwise, if you have a very recent PCR test result, you can present it instead.

Once you have the negative result, you can proceed to the Reception area down the beach to register. It makes it much safer for guests, knowing they have undergone testing and all are negative.  Coming down, you could already see that the resort itself is huge and there are a lot of activities to do. The beach is long enough to walk and swim, and it’s quiet.

Check-in at 2:00 PM

Checkout at 12:00 NN

Since we arrived before the check-in time, guests were provided a cabana facing the beach to relax and put their stuff if they wanted to swim. It’s a lovely cabana, and all guests are given a complimentary cabana to lie down and relax next to the beach.


We ordered drinks and snacks at the cabana while waiting. It was relaxing, especially the ocean breeze and the chirping sounds of the birds. We spent most of our time here in the cabana. And most of our stuff is also in here while we are all busy swimming on the beach. It’s just nice to know that you have your own place to relax without competing for what is available. 

Palm Beach Resort Room

 While lounging in the Cabana, we were called to notify us that our room is ready for occupancy.

View from our Balcony 

As we opened the door to our room, we were just so happy how spacious it is, and the balcony facing the sea was just something that will catch your breath. It’s beautiful, and everything you need is provided to you.

They also provide you with masks and alcohol to ensure your safety during your stay.

The bed was very firm and comfy when lying down, pillows are nice and fluffy, air conditioning worked really well, and quiet and the toilet and bath were spacious enough, and the water pressure was excellent.

Electrical plugs are minimal, so if you can bring an extension, that would be better.

Dining at Palm Beach

What’s good about our stay was buffet meals were already included. They will provide you with a table where you will dine for the rest of your stay.

There is a good variety of dishes to choose from, from soups, salads, main courses, and even dessert. They were delicious, and you can eat all you can! Just avoid any leftovers, ok!

Oh, did I tell you that you can have as much brewed coffee if you want because it’s complimentary! I enjoyed the food a lot, and each day is different from breakfast up until dinner. So for me, Compliments to the Chef and the staff for an excellent dining experience!

Swimming is Safe at Palm Beach

Palm Beach resort is a great place to swim, not just for adults but for kids. There are no big waves, the water is shallow, and it doesn’t go deep fast.  There is a lifeguard on duty, which is good, but it is still better to keep an eye on your kids as well.

The water is so calm and refreshing compared to the other side of Laiya. And since it’s private, the beach doesn’t get crowded, and there’s plenty of space to swim around. We really enjoyed the beach, especially in the morning. And afternoon swim is also nice just before sunset. 


Palm beach Infinity Pools

Another thing you can do in addition to the beach is lounge in either two of their beautiful infinity pools. Both infinity pools are beautiful, and there is also a jacuzzi and a pool shallow enough where the kids could play and swim. On the farther side, the pool has an actually fun kiddie slide.

When it gets too hot on the beach, an afternoon swim in the pool is the best way to cool down. But before you plan to start swimming, do not forget to inform the front desk as the number of guests entering the pool is still limited.


Morning Walks at Palm Beach Resort

On our last day, I decided to wake up early and do a walk on the beach. It was so peaceful, and you could really appreciate the gift of nature as the sun rises that morning.


Palm Beach Resort really goes beyond our expectations. We were just so pleased that we found this resort. It’s a good find!

You get to enjoy the beach and all other activities while still following the protocols. Our room was amazing, and we had a great sleep! The kids also had a great time because they have so many things to do around the resort. 

And if you are looking for some quiet time and much-needed privacy, this is the place to go! Thank you for letting us experience what a great and safe holiday is like!

Barangay Hugom, Laiya, San Juan,
Batangas, Philippines 4226

Phone: (+632) 8850-9544, (+632) 8836-8956
Email: [email protected]

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