/What is the Gambling Scene like in the Philippines?

What is the Gambling Scene like in the Philippines?

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The Philippines is a very popular tourist destination in Southeastern Asia. Known for its stunning scenery and spread out over 300,000 square km, exploration has been known to uncover more islands in this vast country. People flock to the beaches and the fact that English is spoken widely here only adds to its appeal to travellers and indeed expats alike. A low cost of living also always proves attractive to outsiders. If you have managed to figure out a way to make money online, you may feel the Philippines is the place for you.

Unfortunately for remote workers, whose numbers have been rising in the last few years, the speed of the internet in the Philippines can be an issue. There are many people these days who like to work from their laptop, but whether you are simply passing through or planning on staying, the internet quality may prove to be a problem. Making money from online betting can be seriously affected by factors outside of your control. Luckily, in the Philippines, there are plenty of choices available to ensure this does not become a big obstacle to your life in the sun.

What do Filipinos like to bet on?

From online casinos to traditional casinos, sports betting to the downright obscure, Filipinos can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to gambling. The lottery and playing bingo are only two avenues of betting that seem to be ingrained with most people. Fighting and boxing have always held an interest, strengthened by the success of Manny Pacquaio in recent times. While struggling to compete with basketball as a sport, it’s hard to argue that Pacquaio doesn’t command respect and love from all Filipinos.

Basketball is the game that Filipinos love the most, to watch, play or course, have a bet on. Pool and cards are not just played for enjoyment. As well as helping to pass the time, usually, some sort of wager is involved. Cockfights, in a legal or illegal setting, retain massive interest and can see large gatherings take place. It is quite common in the Philippines. More intriguingly, spider fighting provides entertainment and the opportunity to gamble to Filipinos of all ages and backgrounds.   

Traditional Casinos

When it comes to normal land-based casinos, Filipinos are spoilt for choice in most areas. It’s also seen as a developing market for tourism, especially from Chinese visitors looking to gamble. While big-city locations such as Manila and Cebu offer a wide variety of options, you can also find traditional casinos in such idyllic places as the island of Boracay. Open 24/7, you don’t have to miss out on any other activities to play here. It can be part of your holiday and plenty of fun to boast about to your friends back home.

For casinos in the Philippines, as with most places, it’s best to dress appropriately. It’s worth bringing your passport as they enforce the legal age of 21 pretty strictly. It’s possible they may not allow locals to play inside, yet tourists shouldn’t have any issues. Most casinos have a large variety of games and slots to please everyone. It’s not just all about the games, restaurants and live music, for example, are just two things that keep punters happy.

Online Casinos


Gambling online can be a little bit less complicated for citizens of the Philippines. Filipinos can play at any online casino provided they are based overseas. So by simply creating an account, they can have some of the best casino sites available at their fingertips. The onset of Coronavirus, which caused the closure of casinos or certainly ensured restrictions were put in place, resulted in casinos pushing for more online action.


Filipinos need to check out many online casino sites before choosing the one that suits all their needs. The methods of payment available may not be ideal for everyone. The selection of games and also sports could influence your decision. Sign up bonuses or free spins on the slots can help sway your mind in a certain direction. 


Anything else you should know?


It has been noted that the President of the Philippines is not a fan of gambling. According to him, there will be no more casino licenses granted in the country. Yet, the amount of revenue it produces and the number of people employed in this sector may change his mind in the future. Opposition from China, where gambling is illegal, regarding online casino sites corrupting Chinese citizens has been brushed aside because it would affect his country’s interests.


People have been known to be killed over small debts in this country. Maybe it’s best not to venture too far from the air-conditioned casinos that offer a full range of games, but more importantly, safety. While certain illegal sports or events may seem exciting or possibly be a new experience for you, bear in mind things can get out of control quickly. Things may go dangerously sour. No one wants to be in the wrong place at the wrong time arguing about money. Leave the fighting to the cocks or spiders. Much as you may like to bet, as intriguing as it might be to get involved, sometimes it’s just better not to. 


As if the Philippines wasn’t entertaining enough, the fact that it has a vibrant gambling scene adds to its charm. A cheap place to live or holiday this huge country and its massive population are sports and betting mad! It’s a lot more exciting when there’s cash involved. Legal or illegal action sees money changing hand over fist. Men or women, boys or girls, no one seems to be able to resist.


It can be easier for Filipinos themselves to play online casino games although there is no shortage of physical casinos in the country itself. Most tourists play in these places. Despite missing out on beautiful settings, the selection of games online more than makes up for this. The future of the online casino market seems more promising than old school casinos, but their leader detests gambling so changes could happen at any moment.


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