/BORACAY ISLAND – Truly one of the best islands in the world!
BORACAY ISLAND – Truly one of the best islands in the world!

BORACAY ISLAND – Truly one of the best islands in the world!

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A lot of people often wonder where to spend their holiday with their loved ones whether at home or somewhere nice like the beach. We chose to spend our Christmas on the beautiful BORACAY ISLAND! 

Boracay Island is now a world famous island not just in the Philippines but also all over the world. It’s been included in so many travel magazines and travel websites because of it’s 4km stretch of white powdery sand beach and with so many activities to do on the island. 
And this was the reason why we decided to spend our Christmas Holiday on the beautiful Boracay Island. 
Instead of flying which is more expensive, we tried the more affordable way of getting to the island which is the 2Go Ferry from Batangas Port to Caticlan Port and vice versa. To know more about it, please check this article: Travel to Boracay Island with ease via 2Go Ferry  .Upon arriving at the Caticlan Port, you will have to pay for the Boat Ride, Environmental Fee and Terminal Fee which all in all cost just over Php 200.
Nothing much really changed about the Caticlan Port Terminal. Once you are inside, you are on your way to the boat that will take you to Boracay Island. 
The boat ride was very short. Roughly around 5 minutes. 
For this holiday season, we chose to stay for 5 days in an apartment instead of a resort. Greenpoint Residences is located in Station 3 which is a 100 meters walk behind Tree House Cottage. 
Since it’s an apartment type of accommodation, they have their own kitchen which is nice – especially if you want to cook like we like to do. We normally prepares our own breakfast and then eat out at lunch time and dinner time. 
Everything you need is basically here. It is a very spacious room and located in a very quiet environment. We liked this place a lot! 
On our first day, we were welcomed with gloomy skies. As much as I wanted to sun bathe but it was just impossible. But this did not prevent us from enjoying the beach and the relief from the heat was welcome.
Different tours and activities are offered in Boracay such as parasailing, banana boat, and more. 
So we decided to walked all the way to Station 2 and grabbed some lunch. One of the many famous places to have good food and night parties, EPIC BAR is something not to be missed. www.epicboracay.com
Boracay Island has two sides, the Bulabog beach where most of the activities are done, especially Kite Surfing. On the other side you will find the world famous white sand beach.
The white beach side of Boracay is divided into three stations and this was the first time that we stayed in the Station 3 area. I found Station 3 more quiet and relaxed compared to Station 1 and 2 . We preferred the peace and quiet when we wanted it. We didn’t mind the long walk from one station to another. 
Here, you will find some beautiful rock formations perfect for those who enjoy a less crowded beach.
With so many beautiful things to see on Boracay Island, there is no way you can’t miss the beautiful sand sculptures along the beach. This is also a great place to take pictures to share with the world. The sand castle builders don’t ask for a certain amount but tipping is highly advised.
This was so genius! We may not have snow in the Philippines but we do have a SANDMAN! 
They also sparkle even at night. 
Another famous activity on Boracay Island is jogging! And that’s what we just did! Running from Station 3 to Station 1 and back is around 8kms. Staying fit is always part of the holiday! 
If you go to Station 1, you will find this very famous rock formation called Willy’s Rock. This is probably one of the most picturesque landmarks along the white sand beach of Boracay.
D’Mall is an open air market located in Station 2. Here, you will find different restaurants and boutique shops. This is also the busiest part of the island.
Boracay Island has so many restaurants to choose from offering buffet or ala carte . There are just so many that you will never ran out of choices. And, since it was Christmas time, we treated ourselves to a buffet at SEA BREEZE CAFE at BORACAY REGENCY. http://www.boracayregency.com/savor/sea-breeze-cafe
Buffet prices in Boracay range from Php 200.00 – Php 2000.00 depending on the restaurant or resort. Our buffet that evening cost us Php 800.00 per person.
Lobsters, prawns, and other seafood are sold at a very affordable price. 
We had passed by Sunny Side Cafe many times walking from Station 3 to Station 2. The lemon color theme and the number of people patronising the eatery really grabbed our attention. And that’s why we couldn’t wait to try this place for ourselves. https://www.facebook.com/thesunnysideboracay
I love the ambiance of the cafe. It’s very chill and calm. No sense of rushing which I like a lot. And they have a menu with a great variety!
With so many choices to choose from I came up with this pizza, I forgot the name of it but it has Chorizo and a sweet mango jam on it. IT WAS THE BEST! My apologies for forgetting what this pizza was called but you have to try this! 🙂
A friend of mine had this pesto salad which is also very delicious! 
We arrived in Boracay with no itinerary. Sometimes, you just have to go for it and see what happens next. We basically just wanted to relax and enjoy the beach. And part of my relaxation is sun bathing. 
Aside from being a party place, CLUB PARAW located in Station 1 was our favorite spot to sun bathe and swim. Most of the chaise lounges are normally for rent, but at Club Paraw, you can enjoy them as long as you buy a drink from the bar. 
Shade is on, sunscreen applied, and now I am ready to relax again under the Sun. 
Who wouldn’t feel relaxed looking at the white sand beach and turquoise water! 
The good weather made my friend come up with a great idea and that is to do a Sunset Cruise. For Php 800 per person we could enjoy a cruise for an hour or two.
The Paraw is a double outrigger sail boat which is very common in Boracay and we were going to sail on one. 
I like the fact that the Paraws just use the power of the wind to sail through the clear waters of Boracay. 
I highly recommend tourists to do this as it was so relaxing and a great experience. 
If you are lucky, you can witness the most beautiful sunset you’ve ever seen. 
Another good restaurant you should visit along Station 3 is the COWBOY COCINA. A place where I had the best ribs of my life. 
The place itself is very cozy which sets it aside from other restaurants. You will also find a lot of John Wayne posters on the walls of the restaurant giving it a real western feel.
They have a very good selection of food in their menu and the price is pretty affordable too. 
You must also check their Happy Hour rates. The restaurant serves really good cocktails and of course my favorite – LONG ISLAND TEA! 
We started our meal with a TNT Cheeseballs for Php 275.00
And finished off with this delicious tasting half ribs for Php 395.00. For me, these are the best ribs I’ve tasted so far! 
We also met some new and old friends on the Island so we brought them all to Cowboy Cocina. It was a fun evening filled with amazing people, delicious tasting food, and unlimited amount of their nice strong Long Island tea! Best way to end your holiday in Boracay!
On our way back to Manila via 2go Ferry, I couldn’t help myself but think of how much fun we had during our 5 days holiday in Boracay. Looking at these pictures, what else could you ask for.
I am very thankful and blessed that we have a place like this in the Philippines. Truly a place where we can all be proud of. Now, I know why you are still one of the best in the world! 
Oh yes! Your dream of becoming a Mermaid is possible in Boracay! 

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