/PHO 2000 | A Delicious Bowl of Pho in Ho CHi Minh City Vietnam

PHO 2000 | A Delicious Bowl of Pho in Ho CHi Minh City Vietnam

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HO CHI MINH CITY VIETNAM | A Traditional Vietnamese food, Pho is a famous noodle dish that everyone must try and get a taste of if you are in Vietnam. On our last day in Ho Chi MInh, I was craving for something authentic and I found a place close to Ben Than Market and that is Pho 2000.

A few meters walk from where we stayed at the Avanti Boutique Hotel, we found a famous place serving authentic pho. From the outside, you could already see some of the famous dishes served at Pho 2000.
Right next to Coffee Bean Coffee Shop, there is a narrow staircase that will lead you to Pho 2000. A small door will lead you a world of flavours.
Pho 2000 is also quite historical. Apparently in the year 2000, Bill Clinton, a former US President visited Saigon, he decided to have a bowl of Pho at Pho 2000. This was the reason behind the name of Pho 2000. When you walk around the restaurant, you will find photos of the former US President Bill Clinton enjoying a bowl of pho at exactly the same place.
As we walked through we were really surprised how busy and full it was. Luckily one table became available after a few minutes and we immediately ordered Shrimp Spring rolls and a Beef Pho. Other guests took their meals inside while others just ordered take-aways.

PHO 2000 Menu

Aside from the Pho’s and spring rolls, here are the other dishes on the menu that you can order. You can also order desserts, smoothies,  milk, coffee and tea, sodas, soft-drink, beer and much more. I wish I could try the others but my taste buds were really looking forward to the pho.
While enjoying my Saigon Beer, our shrimp spring rolls arrived and they looked so delicious. With the sweet chili dip on the side, one plate of spring rolls is never enough.
The Beef Pho arrived and it looked delicious. The slices of beef, the rice noodles and the savory beef broth and other garnishes complete the whole dish.   Each one ordered a large bowl, and it was really huge. One large bowl is good enough for sharing. Other green herbs, sprouts and chili are also available on the side to add to your Beef Pho.
After taking some photos, it was time to taste my very first Beef Pho and must I say that it tastes so good. I really enjoyed the dish. The flavor was really good, the beef was tender, a good serving of rice noodles and the other spices also enhanced the flavor of the Beef Pho. It was a great dish and I am so happy that we visited this place before heading to the airport for a different destination.
Pho 2000 is definitely a place to visit when you are in Ho Chi Minh if you want to experience and taste an authentic pho. It felt like you are also part of the history. There are so many dishes to choose from the menu that are also worth trying. Aside from it being delicious, the prices are also very reasonable making it an ideal place to eat if you want to taste great food on a budget or some authentic Vietnamese food.
Pho  2000 Address
226-228 Le Thanh Ton Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Pho 2000 Phone Number 

+84 83 822 2788
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