/Best Things To Do in Universal Studios Singapore

Best Things To Do in Universal Studios Singapore

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Universal Studio Singapore is the world’s largest theme park, where you may live out all of your wildest childhood wishes. On Singapore’s Sentosa Island, a massive theme park called Universal Studios Singapore is the best destination for family entertainment. Not one but seven distinct theme areas house Southeast Asia’s only park with 24 thrilling rides and other attractions.

Children and adults alike cannot resist the temptation to frolic at the playground. Watch breathtaking stunts and science fiction shows or go on a dinosaur hunt as in Jurassic Park. You can even dine with your favorite Hollywood actors.

How to Make the Best visit to Universal Studios Singapore?

One-of-a-kind theme parks provide a wide range of experiences. Visit Universal Studios Singapore with your family or friends for a fun-filled day. 

Witness the Action and Thriller on Stage 

Fans of Steven Spielberg will like the new film Lights, Camera, Action! from the director of Jaws, Jurassic Park, and Indiana Jones. The filmmaker is known for his mind-boggling spectacular effects in this program, filled with action. You’ll be blown away by the magnificent set and sound system as the best special effects come to life on the empty stage.

Feel the Thrill with a Roller Coaster Ride 

Photo courtesy: Siraphol Siricharattakul of Canva

Many people look forward to the rides at Universal Studios Singapore since they’re so incredible! Your heart will pound as soon as you see the enormous metal structure. There are two roller coasters at Universal Studios Singapore’s Battlestar Galactica, one of which is inverted. The world’s highest dual roller coaster takes you on a stomach-churning trip like you’ve never experienced before. 

Jurassic World

That’s incredible! There is a dinosaur invasion at Universal Studios. Lol! For those born in the 1990s, there is no doubt that Jurassic Park was a massive part of their childhoods. Enjoy an all-new unique augmented reality experience with T-Rex and Velociraptor in Jurassic World and go on thrilling adventures. 

What? Rides related to the Jurassic Park theme, including Dino-Soarin and canopy fliers, may be taken at Universal Studios Singapore. 

It’s time to get your adrenaline pumping!

If you’re a fan of action movies, Waterworld Stunt Show is a must-see if you’re looking for a thrill. Flames over water is a famous sight at Universal Studios Singapore, with stunt performers somersaulting over the deadly fire on jet skis right in front of you. You may watch them live. There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush from witnessing open water and fire explosions.

Get To Know Your Favorite Celebrities

While visiting Universal Studios, don’t miss the opportunity to pose for photographs with impersonators of famous figures. 

In Universal Studios Singapore, this is one of the most popular attractions for children. Visit with the Minions or run into the Autobots from the Transformers franchise. Experience Ancient Egypt’s Golden Age as a member of the Egyptian Royal Family.

Participate In The Street Parade

On the streets of Universal Studios, you’ll see a lot of fun and enchantment taking place during parades and other public events. Check out your favorite characters from Shrek, Jurassic Park, and more come to life in a live-action street performance. 

Shake yourself to the finest dance performances at the Met or Rattle and Roll with the servers at the dine-in counter. Puss in the Boots dancing for magic beans will make you laugh out loud, and you won’t be able to stop dancing with Madagascar characters.

Photo courtesy: Cody Yim Getty Images

Enjoy The Spectacular Fireworks Displays

At Lake Hollywood Spectacular, the most spectacular and beautiful fireworks displays. You’ll feel your hair stand on end, seeing the spectacular pyrotechnics and listening to the stirring music soundtrack. Even Diwali festivities in India don’t have such awe-inspiring displays of pyrotechnics. 

To see the performance, you must wait until the weekends. To ensure that you don’t miss the fireworks, check the times of the display before you begin your adventure.

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