/Angelo The Explorer | From a Simple online Diary to a Certified Travel Blogger

Angelo The Explorer | From a Simple online Diary to a Certified Travel Blogger

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Blogging has been a way for me to share my stories since I love traveling and exploring new places. Many years ago, I used to post photos of my adventures only on social media. You do get a lot of likes and reactions, but I felt that I could do more to share my experiences with a wider audience, and that’s why I decided to create a blog which I named Angelo The Explorer.

How it all started?

Back then, I’ve been reading so many blogs or articles and somehow wished that I hope someday I could be like them. To share stories. I told myself at first, ok, this will be my online diary. Instead of my photos being saved on the hard drive, I decided to put them online for people to see. But then I realized I need to write my stories in every photo I post. So I started writing stories along with my photos, not realizing that I could actually turn blogging into something even further like collaborations, advertisements, and paid to post.

As I continue to write articles, I see more and more people are visiting my blog, and people are sharing it on social media. I myself was amazed because the goal of sharing it with other people is actually working, I am becoming an influencer myself. From then, I decided to continue developing my writing skills and sharing stories that people need and wanted to know.

Learn to Collaborate with Other Bloggers

After that, I started meeting other bloggers and influencers who have the same passion, and all of us are learning from each other. A few years later, I started receiving emails and calls inviting me to attend their events and receive items for review and social media posts. You are being invited to appear on tv as a blogger and so much more. It was so different from where I started. It can be overwhelming, but as a  blogger, it just means that you are growing.

I never thought it would go that way, and I told myself that I must be doing something right and helping people find solutions to their questions. Blogging is a good hobby, and now I know that you can do so much and earn so much from it. That’s a fact!

Since I started blogging, I never tried making collaborations with companies locally and overseas like restaurants, resorts, and hotels. So, I decided to send letters to different resorts or hotels we are visiting, and fortunately, they all agreed. Now, these companies are the ones inviting you to stay over at their hotels and resorts.

Since most of my articles are related to tourism, I was again fortunate to be contacted by one local tourism to join them in the familiarization tour for 5 days, all expenses paid. That was an experience of a lifetime! To experience the food, culture, place, and hospitality of the people. This makes me, as a blogger, really proud of myself.

Social Media Posting is Important

Of course, along with your blog, your presence on social media should not be left behind. This is like your support group. Because of the photos you share with people; you also get potential clients that may soon turn into something profitable.

My advice

You need to be consistent and always follow your passion! Keep writing and sharing your stories, and don’t forget to learn from others too. Your blog must still represent you and your experience as a person and not based on someone.

Remember, you will never get tired of doing the things you loved the most. As a blogger, I can say that I really grew from this and experienced much more than I expected. There is still more to explore, but as a blogger, the adventure never stops!


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