/Summer Activities You Can Do in Whistler

Summer Activities You Can Do in Whistler

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Typically known for its various winter activities, Whistler doesn’t only thrive during the colder months. When the temperature starts to rise, you can bet there’s plenty more activities to enjoy.

Peak to Peak Gondola

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Offering a full 360-degree view on top of the Blackcomb and Whistler mountains, this is a spectacular sightseeing experience. While you are over 1,400 feet off the valley floor you can look through the floor of the car during the 2.73-mile ride.

White Water Rafting

Runoffs from the glaciers and mountain rivers provide Whistler with some of the best white water rafting experiences. If you’ve never been white water rafting or you consider yourself an expert, there’s numerous levels of rapids to meet your needs.


With over 30 miles of hiking trails that Whistler has to offer, you can check out some pretty magnificent views along most of the trails. You can also hike the alpine trails or take a gondola to the top if scaling a ski slope isn’t to your level of expertise quite yet.

Rock Climbing

Ancient glaciers and mountains galore make Whistler the perfect place for rock climbing enthusiasts. Whistler also has indoor climbing available if you’d like to start inside before you head to one of the mountains.


There are rivers and lakes galore that make Whistler one of the best places to fish. If you’ve never been fishing or are just visiting and forgot your gear, you’re in luck. Whistler has numerous guided fishing tours that supply you with gear and take you to all of the best spots where you can catch Rainbow trout, Bull trout, and a few different species of Pacific salmon, to name a few. 


While in Whistler you can book a ziplining tour to explore the forests nearby. With many packages to choose from you can opt to zip line down 200 to 2000 feet in length while cruising at speeds up to 100 miles per hour.

Whistler Village

If you’re looking for a place to eat or shop this alpine village is where you’ll want to head. With more than 170 restaurants to choose from your dining options are plentiful. You can also shop around for souvenirs at the quaint shops lined along the village.

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With so many activities to enjoy all year round it’s no wonder, real estate for sale in Whistler is always a hot market. Tourists tend to not want to leave and with so many things to do who can blame them?

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