/Best Places to Move if You Want to Experience Mountain Life

Best Places to Move if You Want to Experience Mountain Life

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Living in the mountains gives you the chance to be surrounded by beauty constantly.  Getting to see this gorgeous landform encompassing you as you do simple things like getting groceries, or mowing the lawn, can leave your entire life feeling a little more magical.

These are the best mountain-life towns in the United States, and why you should move to any of them soon!

Bisbee, Arizona

If you’re ready for a change of pace that includes a cute artsy town tucked into the mountains of Arizona, it’s time to consider Bisbee.  This area feels like a piece of San Francisco broken off and set in the desert.  With a dramatic entrance when you approach it, you’ll be amazed as you see the city reveal itself from within the depths of these craggy mountains.

Bisbee is small, with less than six thousand people, but living here can feel like you’ve broken off a piece of paradise.  Full of rich history, and beautiful culture and arts, you’ll fall in love on arrival.

Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville is an amazing city at the mouth of the Great Smoky Mountains, prides itself on fantastic food and an active music scene.  You can enjoy gorgeous surroundings every day, with a river that splits the city and the mountain views that surround it.

Although this is a vibrant city with almost 200,000 people, it still manages to feel small and comfortable enough to walk the streets at night and raise a family.  Buying Knoxville real estate is an awesome way to start your mountainous life.

Butte, Montana

If you’ve ever wanted to live in a town that feels like it’s full to the brim of history and gorgeous views: Butte Montana should be your target.  This beautiful town got its start in copper mining and is now a sleepy small city with less than 35,000 people.

Known as a mile-high city, Butte sits in a caldera, the mouth of an extinct volcano, allowing it to be surrounded by gorgeous mountains that seem to stretch forever.  Although the winters can get extremely chilly, dipping to 30 below at least once a year: it’s worth it to live here.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

At home near Pike National Forest, this is the largest city on this list- with a population of almost 500,000 residents.  In a valley carved out by glaciers, Colorado Springs is a perfect mile-high city with a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains.

Living here is expensive compared to others on this list, but it’s worth it for the endless hiking trails and fun that can be had here.  This city is the best way to get a mix of city living with mountain views, one visit and you’ll be hooked.

Mountain Life Surrounds You With Beauty

Living in a mountainous area ensures that you’ll always get to have beautiful views when you look out your window.  Get to know any of these mountain towns, and you’ll fall in love in no time!

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