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San Juan Batangas | Known for it’s long coast and clear waters, Laiya in San Juan Batangas has been a favorite destination for beach lovers coming from Manila and other nearby areas. Fortunately, my brother told me that he wanted to have a beach wedding in Laiya which we all approved. And with so many beach resorts in Laiya, they made a decision and they it held at LAIYA COCO GROVE BEACH RESORT. 

How to get to Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort?

The travel time from Manila to Laiya Coco Grove is roughly around 4 hours. Though we left early morning, the traffic in Lipa can be a little stressful so make sure to take IBAAN off ramp from the STAR expressway as the traffic is not as congested.
When coming to Laiya with a private vehicle, you will have to pass through a toll gate where you have to pay Php 20.00 Ecological Fee. The resort sent us a copy that we must print and present it to them so we that we did not need to pay.  Unfortunately, we didn’t print it…our bad!
When not using Waze GPS Tracker, you can spot the sign to Laiya Coco Grove sign which is right next to Playa Laiya Calatagan.
We arrived safely at Laiya Coco Grove and I couldn’t wait to walk around and check what it’s like.
laiya coco grove beach resort
The resort is surrounded with tall palm trees overlooking the sea. It was really a picturesque place. Chairs were already set up for the wedding of my brother and it looked stunning.

palm trees laiya coco beach
Laiya Coco Grove Resort has many rooms that can accommodate a large number of guests. For our stay, they put us up in a COUPLE TREE HOUSE which costs around
Php 5000.00 / night including breakfast.
tree house laiya coco grove resort
Our room was very simple and spacious. We really enjoyed it!   But since you are in a tree house, you might find yourself wobbling a bit as you walk around the room.
Each tree house has its own balcony facing the beach. Such a lovely time to just sit, have a drink and relax.
Laiya Coco Grove is a private resort and the beach is only available to guests so you have the privacy and can rest assured that it’s safe as security personnel are always present.
Before the ceremony started, we decided to order some food at the restaurant. Here is a tip, order ahead of time as it takes a bit of a time for them to prepare food. Guests can also bring their own food at no charge.
We just ordered snacks which is the Club House Sandwich and a Spring Roll which tasted like our favorite Indian snack food, Samosas . Yummy and worth the wait!
Here are the other types of accommodation that you will find at Laiya Coco Grove. The price range goes from Php 4,000.00 to Php 20,000.00  depending on the number of guests and type of accommodation.
They also have a nice big swimming pool which is free for its guests.
Anyway before I move on, the wedding started well and it was quite emotional but we were really happy that my brother, John Kenneth Maleriado, was getting married to the love of his life, Christine Maminta Maleriado.
Our Family Photo

After a memorable evening with the family, we decided to check their other beach which is considered the swimming area. For day tours and camping, this is where they normally stay.

Part of the rate is the free shuttle that would take you here anytime. But since we have our car with us, we just drove to the beach.

The beach was clean and there are plenty of cottages available for use.
Since it was early morning, the beach was pretty relaxed. The beach here at Laiya Coco Grove is also exclusive for its guests only.
laiya batangas beach
Guests also have the option to do different activities that are being offered by the resort such as snorkeling, jetski, island hopping, and more.
Laiya Coco Grove really has a place for everything; whether for weddings, birthday parties, and many more, this place can accommodate everything. I find this place very ideal for families and friends who just want to spend a day at the beach.
All in all, we were really impressed with Laiya Coco Grove. The place was really nice and clean, our room was lovely with the view of the beach. The food takes some time to be prepared but it came out nicely anyway. The staff were very polite and the beach was awesome!
This place is definitely a great resort to consider when you are planning to spend a weekend getaway in Laiya, Batangas!

Laiya Coco Grove Beach Resort Rates 2018

Current Rates of Laiya Coco Grove as of February 1, 2018. This may change as we are getting closer to Summer.

For updated rates and reservation, you may visit their website: http://www.laiyacocogrove.com/
 Km. 20 Brgy. Laiya, Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas

Laiya Coco Grove Contact Numbers

 09088960776 / 09088960774
02-894-1057 / 02-892-6009
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