/STILTS Calatagan – A Touch of Tranquility in Calatagan, Batangas!
stilts calatagan batangas

STILTS Calatagan – A Touch of Tranquility in Calatagan, Batangas!

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CALATAGAN BATANGAS | People often wonder where they could find a place where they could totally relax, a place where one could be close to nature, a place where they could destress and find peace. Stilts Calatagan is just exactly that, or maybe even more!
Before going to Stilts, make sure to have the following:
A. Confirmed reservation
B. Medical Certificate
C. Identification Card
The temperature will be checked upon arrival
You will come across two checkpoints, one in Lian and the last in Calatagan. Make sure to have your documents ready. When you get to Calatagan, a representative from Stilts is at the checkpoint to check whether you have a reservation or not; otherwise, they may not let you pass. Better to have a reservation, ok! 
Stilts Calatagan is approximately 150km from Manila or 3 hours away from Manila to the beautiful town of Calatagan, Batangas via Tagaytay-Nasugbu-Calatagan. What we also appreciated about Stilts was the fact that they are PET FRIENDLY. So, we took our fur babies along with us to this amazing destination.

When we arrived, welcome drinks awaited their guests. Guest can stay for a night using their blissful cottages, or they can stay for a day as a day-tripper.

How To Get To Stilts Calatagan

Public Transportation: Guests can ride a van from the Calatagan Van Terminal in Pasay City. The Calatagan Van Terminal is located between Metropoint Mall and Kabayan Hotel. The van will stop in the town proper of Calatagan. From there, guests can take a tricycle to Stilts. Guests can also take the DLTB bus from Buendia. The bus will stop at the town proper of Calatagan. From there, guests can take a tricycle to Stilts. | Source: https://www.stiltscalataganbeachresort.net/

Under the NEW NORMAL, you can only go by car. With the help of Waze or Google Maps, you can easily get there. 

stilts calatagan batangas

The attractive walkway to the reception welcomes every visitor and already creating the mood of a blissful oneness with nature. The entrance alone made us know that we had made the right decision to stay at STILTS.

When the tide is low at the beach, you can still enjoy your time in their swimming pool. They have a kiddie and adult pool. The lifeguard is also very visible in the area.
Check-in time was at 2:00 pm, and while we were waiting for our room to be available, we just lounged and relaxed in their spacious dining area. I enjoyed how open it was and yet hugged by these ancient trees surrounding you. Since we have our pets with us, this place was a perfect dining area for us. And the view was just spectacular. What more could we ask for!
I was really amazed when I saw the beach and the fine white sand of Calatagan Batangas. STILTS has maintained its cleanliness, and since we have dogs, this was a perfect place for them to run around.
stilts calatagan beach
We stayed in a cottage-like this. It’s called PLEASURE. This was the farthest beachfront cottage, which was ideal since we have the pets with us, and they were able to treat the beach in front as their own to stretch their legs.
our room at stilts calatagan
Inside, the room was spotless and minimal. You won’t think that this is what’s inside the cottage. It’s pretty, and the predominance of white with a touch of natural green from the potted plants creates a feeling of spaciousness. There are no TV’s in all of their rooms. It’s nice to be away from it sometimes. Put all your gadgets away and enjoy your time and let STILTS show you the real BLISS!
They also have this mini pavilion in the middle of Harmony Beach. I could imagine how beautiful your wedding could be here at STILTS.
Me, just imagining getting married in a sarong style. Lol.
The place was just beautiful. Pictures are not enough to explain how overwhelmed I was to be at STILTS. It’s calm, peaceful, serene, and so much more!
When it’s low tide, it gets really low. And what a better way to enjoy that was to take a walk with our dogs along the long stretch of beach. Your pets would surely love this walk. Of course, it is still advisable to put them on a leash but if you think you have the beach to yourselves, try to unleash and let them run free!
Aside from the beautiful scenery you see here at STILTS. You will also find a different type of accommodation for people to experience. That is their floating cottages. They have 8 rooms available depending on your sleeping and space requirements. If you plan to stay in any of these floating cottages, better reserve ahead of time as they are normally fully booked.
What is so nice about staying in a beachfront cottage was you can relax and sunbathe right in front of your doorstep.
sun bathing at stilts calatagan
And when the tide is high, the water is so calm like you have a natural infinity pool. The natural barrier corals/ rocks stop the waves from coming ashore, creating the calmest beach I have seen.
Tummy was cramping, and it was time for us to check on their menu. Since we practice a Low Carb High-Fat way of eating or BANTING, we were happy that they have a Healthy Living choice. Their menu was pretty good, and they have servings good enough for two.
BAHAY KUBO Salad – Php 145.00
Squid Calamari – Php 200++
Oven-Baked Eggplant – Php 120.00
Lumpiang Hubad – Php 260.00
Breakfast was already inclusive. Lunch and Dinner are ala carte.
Another unique feature you will find here at STILTS are the hundreds of quotations that can be found hidden throughout the beautifully landscaped gardens of the resort. I was told that these are the quotations taken from books loved by the owner.
inspirational quotes at stilts
Stilts has three different beaches: Harmony Beach, where we stayed and where most of the cottages can be found; Destiny Beach, where the Cabanas and Pavilion are located. And the Serenity Beach where Tree Cottage and another picnic area are located.
This one is the Serenity Beach.
Harmony Beach.
Although there were times where it was overcast, nature let us witness the beautiful Calatagan sunset. Mesmerizing!
sunset at stilts calatagan
with my dog at stilts calatagan
On our last day, the dogs and I decided to run for one more time on the beach. Oasis, our adopted dog, really loved the experience since this was her first time on the beach.
They love chasing each other on the seagrass when it was low tide.
our dogs playing at stilts calatagan
Whisky was not even scared of the water at all. We went to so many friendly beaches before, but dogs can’t really swim properly due to strong waves. The calm waters at STILTS were just perfect for the dogs and for us too!
More images of the Floating Cottages at STILTS Calatagan.
floating cottages at stilts calatagan
walking with our dogs at stilts calatagan
Thank you, STILTS, for letting us feel what BLISS truly feels like. I want to commend your friendly staff for their warm hospitality and that Longanisa we had at breakfast was delicious!
We were really happy that we spent our short holiday here at STILTS. Truly a home away from home!
stilts calatagan updated rates
For additional rates and information, please visit their website
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