/Marco Polo Davao – Start Creating Good Memories in the Heart of Davao

Marco Polo Davao – Start Creating Good Memories in the Heart of Davao

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It was with much excitement, I booked my ticket months ago to the beautiful province of Davao. I had not been this far south but I had heard that there were so many interesting places to see and places to dine in Davao. Since it was my first time in Davao, I had been searching for very good accommodation that would make my stay a memorable one.
marco polo hotel davao

The one that stood out was this very luxurious hotel called  MARCO POLO DAVAO. Situated at the very center of Davao’s shopping and business district, I couldn’t think of any better place to base my tour of the city of Davao.
Since I arrived late in the evening on Saturday, a friendly staff from Marco Polo patiently waited for me at the airport  and took us straight to the hotel.

Marco Polo Davao has over 200 rooms to suites the needs of every guest in the hotel.

Marco Polo Davao is 18 floors high making it one of the tallest building in the Davao.
As you enter the very spacious lobby of the hotel. You can see the Western and the Asian fusion in the decor. Overall, it just works harmoniously together.
When I was touring Europe, I had seen how delicate and precious tapestries like this are. Marco Polo Davao has one which shows the different culture and diversity of the place. I really find it beautiful!
As I entered our luxury room, all I wanted to do was just to lie down on the bed as it look so inviting. The room was spacious and all you need in a hotel room is already provided. The linen was comfortable making my sleep one of the best sleeps ever. NOT all hotels can do that!
Office desk is available – ideal for travelers who are on a business trip to Davao.
As part of Marco Polo’s hospitality, we were even given a lovely bottle of wine and local fruits native to Davao. I ended up finishing them all in the end. They are that nice!
Being one of the highest structures in the City of Davao, expect good views as far as Samal Island. This made me look forward to exploring this city.
After a great sleep, time to go and check out what awaits for us at Cafe Marco.  From local to international cuisines, there will be always something that will satisfy your taste buds.
This ham is one of the my favorite at Cafe Marco Davao. But then again, there are so many dishes to choose from. Just make sure not to waste and leave nothing on the plate.
My friends and I are just having a great time with our breakfast! Great breakfast for us means we’re up for a  great adventure ahead in DAVAO!
One thing I checked out in a hotel is how nice their pools are. I love swimming and I do laps regularly. Marco Polo Davao does have the pool that I was looking for. A swimming pool perfect for doing laps. Nice sun and swim just means I am having a great holiday already!
Available for guests and visitors, you can pamper yourself in the hotel spa or sweat it out in the gym. Both are located next to the hotel’s swimming pool.
After our whole day exploration, I am very happy that we stayed at Marco Polo Davao and  I couldn’t think of any better place to stay in Davao.
Our vacation in Marco Polo Davao really was something to remember. This hotel exceeded my expectations. The staff were very hospitable, the location was at the center of the city, the food was amazing, I had the best sleep on their beds, and most of all, I felt very safe.
 Stay in one of the best hotels in DAVAO in one of the best cities in the Philippines!
For more information, check out their website:


P.O. Box 81540 CM Recto Street, 
Davao City 8000, Philippines
Tel. (63 82) 221-0888 
Fax. (63 82) 225-0111 
[email protected]
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