/Camiguin Action Geckos Dive and Adventure Resort [Review]

Camiguin Action Geckos Dive and Adventure Resort [Review]

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The time had finally arrived for me to travel again to the beautiful  island of Camiguin. It excited me that I would have another opportunity to look at the accommodation option on the island. 
For some reason, looking for at the accommodation option excites me when I travel.  I was very specific with my requirements when looking for a place to stay since most of my friends are visiting the island for the first time. With so many places to choose from, I found CAMIGUIN ACTION GECKOS DIVE AND ADVENTURE RESORT. 
When I said we were very specific with what we wanted as far as accommodation was concerned, first thing I was looking for was a place that had an island feel to it, peaceful environment and no or very little concrete…and by looking at the entrance of Action Geckos, I think we found what we were looking for.

Upon entering the resort, you can hardly believe that there is a resort inside because it is surrounded by lush trees and plants covering the resort. The garden somehow gives you an ambiance of pure relaxation and what an island vacation should be like. 

We went straight to the reception area which also serves as a restaurant and we met Arno and later Kaisa who are the managers of the resort.  We received a warm and informative welcome from Arno who gave us a quick orientation to our home for the next few days. The resort is managed by people from all over the world, mostly from Europe. What’s nice was they have adopted the kindness and warmth normally associated with Filipino hospitality. We were also very pleased with the staff as they were very friendly and accommodating. They simply add more charm to the beauty of this resort.  
Action Geckos is quite a famous place to stay with foreigners and divers. I am not surprised as to why,  as it is not east to find this type accommodation elsewhere. It was obvious that the other foreign guests were really enjoying the whole experience at Action Geckos.  I am very sure that soon the locals will also experience the magic at Action Geckos. 
As I looked around the resort, we couldn’t help but appreciate the place. I said to my friends that where else could you find a place like this in the Philippines? 
The design of the entire resort blends with the environment creating that island feel. It was also very peaceful at Action Geckos. No loud noises can be heard inside – only the relaxing sound of birds playing around the resort.
We were very fortunate that our cottage was the one closes to the beach front.  It had a large veranda that with a spectacular view of the sea. 
Imagine yourself waking up  with the view of the beach in front of you.  I appreciated that our room had wide glass doors to maximize the beautiful view. 
From the outside, the cottage already looked so inviting and as we entered our room, we could not believe how beautiful it was inside!  The room was very cozy and the mosquito nets added a little tropical drama to the room which I liked a lot.The beds and pillows were also quite comfortable.
I like the style of the bathroom as well. The toilet and bath were very clean and spacious.  The water pressure was really good and  the heater worked perfectly in the resort. 
In every cottages, you will find nice bamboo benches with cushions and a rocking chair on the veranda. An ideal place to just relax and enjoy the view of the beach and savor the serene atmosphere.
Unwind in one of the many hammocks found around the 
beautiful gardens at Action Geckos. 
The resort has cottages perfect for families, couples, and friends. They also have bungalows, and a travelers’ dormitory with a common bathroom. Each room is made for every guest to have the best holiday ever. 
The TUKO Restaurant offers a great variety of dishes from local to international cuisine. We tried almost everything from salads, sandwiches, fish, and many more. Although the food was a bit expensive, their servings were generous which is good enough for sharing so it’s fine with us.  A unique aspect to the menu was that you could choose from a speciality menu your dinner for the following day.  The ingredients would all be sourced fresh from the local market and – because you chose to order ahead – you would also benefit from a free drink served with your meal!  Our planned meal was certainly fresh and I can still taste the fresh tuna sashimi!
You have to try their cocktails and drinks too. A perfect companion while watching the beautiful sunset off Camiguin Island.
Make your meals more memorable and enjoyable because at Action Geckos, they set up their tables in the garden and that I love. The weather was so ideal so we always had our meals outside.
If you already enjoyed what you’ve seen at Action Geckos during the day, wait until you see it at night! Prepare to be dazzled with the beautiful lights and candles that are spread throughout the garden.
I dreamed of this place many times. It was so romantic!  You can also ask them to organize a candlelit dinner for you on the beach. Who wouldn’t want to do that?
Diving is very popular on Camiguin Island and for those who want to dive or take a diving course, Action Geckos can make the necessary arrangements for you. 
I am not surprised why they are the Traveller’s Choice at TripAdvisor for Camiguin Island. The resort was simply beautiful and so in tune with the natural environment compared to other places you will find in Camiguin. Again, I would also like to commend the overwhelming hospitality of the staff at Action Geckos.
If you are looking for a beautiful resort with a great island feel to it set on the beautiful Island of Camiguin, Action Geckos Dive and Adventure is your best choice! 
Contact Number:   +63 88 387 91 46
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