/Things to Do in HONG KONG in 8 hours

Things to Do in HONG KONG in 8 hours

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Even before we planned our trip to South Africa,we made sure that would have a long lay over in Hong Kong. This would give us a chance to explore the city and do as much
as we could in 8 hours!

Luckily, for a Filipino to visit Hong Kong, no visa is required.

We arrived in Hong Kong at 7:20 am after a 12 hour flight from South Africa.
We completed the immigration form and were soon on our way out of the airport complex such is the efficiency of service..
If you don’t want to carry your hand luggage with you to the city, you may leave your luggage at the airport Terminal 2 at a minimal price. Hong Kong airport is very big and if you think you are lost, ask!
Maybe the best and fastest way to get to the city is by taking the train from the airport to the city. For a $100 HKD   ( PHP 565.00) , you can purchase a Same Day Return ticket as per advised at the counter. A City map is also available for free at the train station,
just ask at the counter.
Their train was so spacious and clean. It was a smooth ride. The ride to the city from the airport took us around 30 minutes.


From the city train station, it is possible to walk to the STAR FERRY – STATION 7 to get a ride in one of the iconic ferries. These old ferries have been carrying passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon since the 1800s.  This is something you have to
 experience in Hong Kong.
Ferry costs: 2.50 HKD


Just next to the Station 7 is a museum. I wish we could visit the place but with limited time,
we would save it for our next visit.
One iconic structure in Hong Kong  is the Bank of China. I always see this on TV and now I saw it for real!
After a few minutes ride via Star Ferry, we finally landed in Kowloon where the historical Clock Tower stands and from there, you will find this amazing view of the Victoria Harbour.
The weather in Hong Kong was perfect for day travelers.
 I could just imagine the Hong Kong vibe at night.
Even  with no sleep and jet lagged, there is no reason for us not to have a great time!
If in case you are planning to stay longer, here are some of the places you could add to your itinerary.
Dinner cruises are also very famous in Hong Kong.


After taking some photos, we went  back to Hong Kong Island via Star Ferry and took a cab which is faster instead of a tram going up to one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong, The Peak. Being the highest point in Hong Kong Island, it is a sight you
should not miss.
Ticket to Sky Terrace: 45 HKD ( Php 255.00)
The Sky Terrace 428 will give you a 360 Degrees view of Hong Kong.
You can also make your Sky Terrace Tour  interactive with this gadget, but with the little time at our disposal, we could not listen to all of the information. We just basically stared at the horizon and enjoyed the view.
Hong Kong really was an awesome place to visit. The city is gorgeous!
I’m scared of heights. I am just being honest! 😉


  There is no way you can leave Hong Kong without doing a ride on the Peak Tram. Once exclusive for the British Governors and residents of the Peak, now tourists and locals can now experience a joy ride of a life time.  This steep ride is very popular so expect to queue unless you arrive very early morning.
Ticket Prices:
Adult HKD 40 – Return    HKD 28 – Single
Child (aged 3 – 11)  and Senior (aged 65 or above) HKD 18 – Return HKD 11 – Single
Unfortunately, these are all the places we could fit in during our 8 hour layover in Hong Kong. From the Peak Tram, we took a cab again to IFC Mall where the train station to the airport is located.
We really enjoyed this trip even for a short while.
And this gave us a reason why we must return to discover more and
stay longer in Hong Kong.
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