/Alnwick Garden and Castle – Beautiful Garden in Northumberland, UK !

Alnwick Garden and Castle – Beautiful Garden in Northumberland, UK !

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Before we headed  into Scotland, a friend of mine told me to stop here Alnwick
to see the garden and the castle which was used to film some of the
 Hogwarts scenes in the movie Harry Potter.

Since were passing close to Alnwick, we decided to give it a go and do another short visit. 

Entrance was 13 pounds which is around 600 Pesos per person. What we discovered inside was well worth the cost of the entrance. It was the most beautiful garden I’ve ever seen!
As you walk in at the Pavilion, you will see this Grand Cascade and spectacular fountain display.
Be amazed by their amazing fountain display facing the Pavilion.
The Alnwick Garden is a huge place and divided into different sections. Each section deserves a visit.
What I enjoyed a lot was we don’t really have gardens like this in the Philippines. The temperature in the UK as perfect for flowering plants.
I guess this place was also a perfect spot for school tours.
Some people just stay here for the whole day and just RELAX!
This was when I also fell in love with Poppies.
They have a variety of Poppies and they were simply gorgeous.
Another interesting section they have was the collection of different poisonous plants called the POISON GARDEN. They have a schedule to go inside and unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to wait. But I heard the guide that one of the rules was not to touch anything. Maybe some of them can cause allergic reactions when touched.
We carried on walking into the Woodlands and all I could smell was fresh air.
If you want to know more about the Alnwick Garden, please visit their site:
After a nice visit to the Alnwick Garden, don’t go away yet as there’s still
more to see here and that is the Alnwick Castle.
Alnwick Castle was a venue for the two very popular Harry Potter movies. This was were the Chamber of Secrets was shot and the Philosopher’s Stone.
How I wish we could have more time to explore inside the castle. They have castle tour for 13.05 Pounds. Sounds very expensive for some but you only do it once so go for it.
All we could do was just relax and stare at this beautiful castle.
And how glad we were stopping over at Alnwick. Even though it’s not part of our itinierary, yet, we made the right decision to stop by and get to enjoy this magnificent place.
If you want to know more about the castle,
you may also check their website:


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