/A Visit to the Birthplace of William Shakespeare

A Visit to the Birthplace of William Shakespeare

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A drive for an hour or two from London can take you to a place of a very famous writer, playwright, actor, and considered to be the greatest writer of all time. That is the Birthplace of William Shakespeare. 

He was the one who wrote the famous Romeo and Juliet, Sonnets, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, and many more. William Shakespeare is widely taught in high school. Some of his works even became famous in movies and also in theatrical plays. 
His birthplace is located at Stratford-Upon-Avon, a beautiful town that is visited by many tourists, not just because their town is very beautiful but also their undying love for William Shakespeare and one of them is me! 


We left London very early to avoid the traffic and arrived at exactly 9:00 am which is the opening time of the Shakespeare’s Birthplace. 
The entrance of the Shakespeare’s Birthplace on the left. 
We were the first ones to arrive. 
Grabbed this as one of our souvenirs.
I like the ticketing system in the UK. Tickets are expensive but they are valid for 12 months. You can buy tickets which also give you passes to other nearby places, as in this case, to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage and Garden. 
We bought tickets separately and for this one we paid 
around £15 to £20.00 per person.
As you enter, you can watch a short presentation about the life and works of the great William Shakespeare. 
As you go out to see the actual house you will see some of the famous celebrities who acted and represented his works. 
Welcome to the house of William Shakespeare. The place where the most famous writer was born and grew up. 
The house was nicely restored and everything inside the house was
 such a spectacle to see. He also spent 5 years of his married life here with Anne Hathaway. 
As you enter inside, there is a guide ready to 
assist you if you have any questions. 
Their bedrooms were so vibrant in the use of colours. 
Their kitchen. 
William Shakespeare’s father worked as a glove maker and was considered wealthy. 





“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” ― William Shakespeare,
And this is the bedroom of William Shakespeare. 
Here are the corners of the house. 
There are many benches to sit outside the house and just absorb the fact that you are at the birthplace of William Shakespeare! Yes, William Shakespeare! 


As we were sitting outside, there were performers who played different scenes from Shakespeare and that was really great to watch. 
As you approach the exit, you will end up in the souvenir shop before heading straight out. 


As we got out, this was the scene at the entrance gate. 
Better arrive early if you want to avoid the busy crowd. 





 Indeed, a visit to the birthplace/ house of William Shakespeare really was intriguing and you somehow guess what inspired him to write those stories that are now considered world famous. Maybe the idea started from the house and went on and on.
For me, the visit to the birthplace of William Shakespeare was special, simply because I love his works and he is the GREATEST WRITER OF ALL TIME! 




If you want to know more about the Birthplace of Shakespeare, please visit: http://www.shakespeare.org.uk/

























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