/Snacking at POUND by Todd English , Mall of Asia

Snacking at POUND by Todd English , Mall of Asia

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After walking for hours around Mall of Asia doing our shopping, we eventually looked for a place where we could have a snack. We just wanted something light but, of course, preferred that is tasted good.
In the middle of Mall Of Asia, in front of Kultura Souvenir shop, we found this eye-catching restaurant called POUND by Todd English.
Todd English is a celebrity chef in America who is now finally opening up trendy restaurants all around Metro Manila and one of them is found here at Mall of Asia.
pound tedd english moa

We immediately looked at the menu and we loved the sound of their gourmet burgers so we decided to give them a try.
One thing that captures the attention of the people is the style of the restaurant. The ambiance of this bunker shaped restaurant plus the industrial touches add up to the modernity and uniqueness of the place… and I love the mugs too!
pound restaurant mall of asia
By now we were starving and it was time to order some gourmet burgers. Aside form the burgers, you can also order salads, pastas, poutine, fries, and do not forget to ask for the secret menu!
GOOD OL FRIES – Php 80.00
pound burget mall of asia
POUND FOR POUND – Php 195.00
So what can I say about the food? WE LOVED IT! The fries were nice and crisp, my Amsterdam burger was flavorful. The moment you had the first bite of your burger, you will notice the lightness of the bun which for us was awesome.  The patties were nicely cooked and all the other ingredients balanced out the flavor and that for us is what gourmet food is all about.
POUND by Todd English is one place worth visiting if you are looking for quality gourmet burgers!
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