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We all know Coron, Palawan is a world famous island and attracts visitors from all over the world. With its beautiful  lakes and coves, islands, and other tourist attractions, the town of Coron is also becoming a hub for different culinary tastes. 
View Deck Grill House is one of the best place to eat in Coron Palawan. It’s also a great restaurant to catch the sunset.

After from a busy day of snorkeling, were were starving and so I asked myself where to eat in Coron?  Then, I saw this very inviting sign from afar which I thought a nice place to watch the sunset. So, on our last evening, we decided to dine at The View Deck Grill House.

Located in the main town of Coron, The View Deck Grill House is  located on the top floor of  the MRC Building. Everybody knows this place, so if you are taking local transport, you can easily just tell them to take you to The View Deck.
Upon arriving at the restaurant, I fell in love with the view as it’s one of the main highlights. We all know that Coron’s sunset is amazing and if you want to witness that, then you have to visit this place.
where to eat coron
Find time to walk around the restaurant and just enjoy the view of Coron bay and the busy town streets.
view from viewdeck grill coron
While waiting for the sunset, we decided to order for our favorite cocktail drinks. The menu has a wide variety of sundowner drinks that you will surely enjoy.
I always start with my favorite which is the Long Island Tea. And this one at the View Deck is really nice and strong, which I enjoy.
Margarita or Gin and Tonic for the ladies.
And a very refreshing pineapple juice for a non-alcoholic person.
In addition to the great view and perhaps great food, I like the idea of the open kitchen where you can see how food is being prepared.
There’s our patties and barbecue being prepared.
We also had the privilege of meeting their Head Chef, Cedie Rick Tamayo. He is the one in charge of creating great tasting food and making sure that the food coming out from the kitchen is at it’s best quality.
After the sundowners, we also made up our minds on what to eat for dinner. I’ve read good reviews of the food and we could not wait to try. Here’s what we ordered:

View Deck Supreme Burger – Php 325.00

This burger is too beautiful to eat. I ordered this one because it is one of their best sellers and now I know why. The patty was very juicy and flavorful. The chips are delicious and crunchy. So if you are craving for a good burger in Coron, you know where to go.
Our family enjoyed their own ordered meals and they said they were all delicious.

Crispy Fried Chicken and Chips – Php 215.00

Baked Lasagna Php 265.00

Chicken Enchiladas Php 275.00 

Chicken BBQ Php 225.00 

Our food arrived just in time to witness what could be one of the best sunsets you could witness in your entire life. The place was also starting to fill up which shows how this place is now becoming a popular hot spot for its food and the sunset view.

sunset view coron palawan
The food we had was really enjoyable so we asked for the menu again and tried out their best seller desserts.

Stuffed Chocolate Spheres Php 215.00

If you are a Chocolate lover then this dessert is for you. It is really one of the best tasting, most mouth watering desserts we had in Coron. Others would call this, Divine!

 Classic Viewdeck Cheese Cake  – Php 195.00

I love chocolates and cheese cake as well, so when we saw it on the menu, we also ordered it and we were just blown away with the taste of the cheese cake. The salted caramel glaze complemented the classic cheese cake.
On our last night on the island paradise, we realized that we had made the best decision to dine at The Viewdeck Grill House.  First, I would like to commend the staff for being friendly and accommodating during our stay. It’s always nice to see people serving with a smile.
I would like to commend the whole management team for making sure that their guests are all having an enjoyable time. The food was amazing without a doubt. And most of all, the location is really one of the best places to witness the amazing sunsets of Coron, Palawan.
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