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PANE E DOLCI Cagayan De Oro | More Than A Coffee Shop

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CAGAYAN DE ORO | Are you the kind of person who wakes up and starts your day with a good cup of coffee? Well, I am one of them! I feel like I cannot function very well If I have not had coffee in the morning.americano coffee

On our way to Butuan from Bukidnon, we stopped at Lim Ket Kai shopping center in Cagayan De Oro City in search for a good coffee and brunch. Luckily we found PANE E DOLCI that is located right in the middle of the shopping mall.
Pane E Dolci have different branches in the city of Cagayan De Oro. The main branch is located in Nazareth while the one that we visited was at Lim Ket Kai Mall.
From the outside, it looks very inviting so we decided to give it a try.
pane e dolci coffee shop
Aside from the coffee, you will also find an excellent patisserie collection displayed at the counter.
We put our bags down, settled in, and ask for the menu.
Aside from cakes and pastries, you can also order their All Day Breakfast which I think is a great idea. We were told that more will be added on their menu and will be available soon.
Preparing coffee is not just pouring hot water on it. I never thought that preparing coffee can be a complex process.  At Pane E Dolci you will find the different processes on how coffee should be served to to maximize the full flavor and taste of the coffee.
I was really craving for good and strong coffee so I ordered a plain Brewed Coffee. At first I thought it would just be served in a mug but Pane E Dolci does something that I find very impressive. Everything is measured to a precise perfection. They say every procedure affects the flavor of the coffee.
For our brewed coffee, we wanted it to be served V60 style!
V60 is a dipper that resembles a cone with spiral edges around its interior which prevents the filter paper from sticking to its inner surface. The design allows the coffee extraction to flow freely along the ridges towards the decanter through an opening at the bottom of the cone.

coffee pour over
The V60 style sounds very complicated, but the coffee using this method really was one of the best I’ve tasted! I was really amazed!. I have Arabica beans at home but this one tasted so much better!
In addition to the brewed coffee, we also ordered a CAFFE LATTE which tasted so smooth, creamy and delicious!
cup of cafe latte
Aside from coffee, they also have other must try dishes on the menu. One dish that you must try is their Cheesy Beef Lasagna. This is one of their best sellers and I am not surprised why. The aromas, the flavor, and the cheesiness were just something to crave for!
 They are very generous with their servings and most of them are good enough for  2 people.
toasted bread with baked lasagna
In addition to our Beef Lasgna, we also ordered a CLUB HOUSE SANDWICH which was also very delicious.  This also serves as a perfect breakfast sandwich.
club house sandwich with chips
Before heading to our destination, we were told that you could find the best Sylvannas in Cagayan De Oro City at Pane E Dolci. So we gave them a try to take with us to Butuan and while in the bus, I had my first bite and I was like, can we go back and get some more? OH I LOVED IT! Their Sylvannas just melt in your mouth and were definitely one of the best for me.
I am also imagining this as a great gift or pasalubong to bring home to your loved ones. Well I know next time, when I visit Cagayan De Oro, I will definitely get some more of their Sylvannas.
pane e dolci sylvannas
My friend Ver Real and I enjoyed the coffee and food at Pane E Dolci. The staff were very friendly and very knowledgeable specially with coffees and their pastries. It is really one of the best places for good food in Cagayan De Oro and we were happy we gave this a try!
Check out their FACEBOOK PAGE: https://web.facebook.com/paneedolci/
Phone Number: (088) 881 5022

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