/SLEEPY BODY LOTION by Lush Cosmetics – Find A Better Way to Sleep [Review]
lush sleepy lotion

SLEEPY BODY LOTION by Lush Cosmetics – Find A Better Way to Sleep [Review]

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES |Recently, we came across this news about a lotion that has helped a lot of people to sleep. The SLEEPY BODY LOTION by LUSH PHILIPPINES is going viral all over the world for effectively helping people to have a great sleep. I don’t know if this is a placebo or  what, but we were very eager to try.
Sleep is very important for us and I am the person who wants to make sure that I get almost 8 hours sleep. However, I also find it difficult to fall asleep that is why we sometimes take some for of natural sleeping aid just so that we can enter the sleep zone.

lush sleepy body lotion
We first looked at Greenbelt Makati to check if it was already available and to our surprise, it’s out of stock owing to its popularity. So we left our number and will just had to wait for the call – the waiting list already noted in their book gave us an idea of just how popular Sleep Lotion had become.

Where to buy Sleepy Lotion in the Philippines?

You can normally buy them on any Lush stores. On our case we went to LUSH Alabang Town Center and luckily new stocks had just arrived and the lady had to open the newly arrived cartons just to give us our first tub. At first I still couldn’t make an reviews as I had not tried it yet.
I checked around the bottle and most of the ingredients come from natural products which we liked.  In the direction it says to smooth it over your body, but for its price, we decided to put it on our pulse spots, neck, face, and arms only.
One evident smell when you open the Sleepy Lotion is lavender smell that is so relaxing and so calming. Its also makes the  bedroom smell so dreamy.
The lotion has a very nice smooth texture to it. It  is also very thick and spreads well when you rub it on your body. You just need very little of it every night. We’ve been using this for over a week now and I must admit that it feels like it does have an affect on our sleep.
From the time we started using it, we stopped using the other sleeping aids. We felt that after that after a few minutes of putting it on, you are actually going to feel that you are very sleepy. I still wake up at around 5:00 am because of my work but I really felt that I had a very nice deep sleep and you don’t have the sluggish feel in the morning that you get from other sleeping aids.
lush body lotion

How much is the Sleepy Lotion?

The price of the SLEEPY lotion is Php 975.00 although there is a smaller tub available as well . I’ll be honest, it is a bit expensive for a lotion that is 225 grams, but if this is the only solution to for us to have a great sleep, why not! I think it is really worth it for the price because we only need to use very little every night. I don’t care if this is a placebo but it is working for us. Would I recommend it? Definitely YES! Not just because it makes us sleep so well, but the lotion itself does feel good on the skin..
Have you tried this lotion before?  Let me know what you think.  If not, I would highly recommend this lotion to everyone. Just go to any LUSH store and check for this awesome SLEEPY Body lotion.

Just a follow-up on our waiting list at the Greenbelt  Shopping Mall.  Hats off to the staff there as soon after we had purchased our tub from the Alabang branch, we received a text from Greenbelt saying that stocks had arrived and they could only hold it for three days.  We reserved two and collected them after two days.  By the time we collected them, they were the only two left!  Thank you to the Lush staff for great service and now we have our own reserve of Sleep Lotion!

Here is a video about the Sleepy Body Lotion by Lush made by Buzz Feed Video
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