/LUMOS DAWN | One of the Most powerful home projector at an affordable price.

LUMOS DAWN | One of the Most powerful home projector at an affordable price.

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With so many streaming apps available in the market today, more and more people prefer to watch at home instead of going out to cinemas. What’s more, you can watch your favorite movies on a big screen in the comfort of your home.

[Lumos Dawn also comes  with a remote, control, HDMI Connector, Power Cord, and an Audio Video Cable]

And if you are considering getting one for yourself or with the family that is of high quality and fits within your budget, I highly recommend LUMOS DAWN home cinema projector.

Here are 6 reasons why LUMOS DAWN is a great choice:

1. It has a Huge Screen Size.

Honestly, size matters! And if you are watching a good movie or series, it’s always nice to watch it on a big screen. With LUMOS DAWN, it can project up to a 125-inch screen at a 3m distance. That is super cool and it’s like having your own cinema at home.

Just remember that LUMOS DAWN is a home cinema projector. And if you want to have the best experience, it’s always advisable to have a white wall or screen in a dark environment, just like your bedroom.

Can I use LUMOS DAWN for business use like Excel presentations or text-filled presentations? Honestly, I don’t recommend it since it’s primarily used for watching movies with a cinematic feel or mirroring videos or games from your smartphone.

2. It’s a High Definition Home Cinema Projector.

Never underestimate this home cinema projector because LUMOS DAWN is packed with a 1080p resolution, making it HD-ready. It has 2500 lumens, so it’s bright, and the colors are more vivid, especially in darkness. Say goodbye to the grainy or washed-out quality of videos.

3. Netflix and YouTube ready.

One of the best key features of LUMOS DAWN is that it already has the two most popular streaming apps already installed on your projector: Netflix and YouTube. Just connect to the internet, log on, and then you can already watch your favorite series or movies on a big screen. Now, that’s what I call smart!

Thanks to its Android Operating system, you can easily download other streaming videos from there too.

4. Wireless Mirror Casting.

Aside from having a home cinema at home, you can also use LUMOS DAWN to project your smartphone wirelessly with mirror casting, no cables needed.

It has an in-built Airscreen app where you can connect via wifi and once connected, you may play games, scroll on your social media apps, or even do online meetings on a big screen.

5. Dolby Audio Speakers.

Aside from the high-definition features of the LUMOS DAWN, having good sound quality is also as important as its resolution. This is why they installed Dolby Audio Speakers to produce good, rich, strong, and immersive sound quality. This makes LUMOS DAWN more competitive compared to other projectors available out there.

6. Affordable Price.

You will probably be surprised when I say that LUMOS DAWN is priced at only Php 6,999.00. Yes, for that price, you can already own a LUMOS DAWN.

The LUMOS DAWN Smart with Netflix, YouTube, and Apps is priced at Php 9,999.00. This I highly recommend! And for both prices, this is already a good deal considering all the features you can get from this home cinema projector. Plus, you have a 1-year local warranty.

Where to Purchase LUMOS DAWN: https://www.lumosprojector.ph/angelotheexplorer 

LUMOS DAWN has been a trusted brand since its launch, with positive reviews from customers nationwide and celebrities alike, making it a must-have quality home cinema projector. Enjoy your cinematic experience with LUMOS DAWN.





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