/Level Up Your Kids’ Fun and Finances: Discover the Top Money-Making Online Games for Kids

Level Up Your Kids’ Fun and Finances: Discover the Top Money-Making Online Games for Kids

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As an educator and guardian to two kids, you understand the importance of balancing fun and learning. With the prevalence of mobile devices, it’s crucial to monitor your kids’ use and provide opportunities for them to improve their skills. That’s why discovering online games that are both entertaining and educational is a great idea.

One website that caught your attention is Mortgage Calculator Money Games, which offers free money games for kids. These games can teach your children financial literacy skills, including budgeting and saving money. Here are the top three games that your kids are currently playing:


This game allows your child to act as a cashier, learning basic addition and subtraction while becoming familiar with the value of money. As the cashier, they input the prices of goods and provide change to customers. The game gets more challenging as your child gets faster and more accurate.


This fun game allows your child to build a city where tax can be collected as part of the city’s revenue. It teaches children about taxation and the importance of being a responsible citizen. The game also involves building structures with mini Lego pieces and creating police and fire departments to protect the people.

Treze Coins

In this game, your child pays or gives money into a gumball machine. They must select the correct denomination and put it into the machine, teaching them how to give exact change. This game is an excellent way to train your children to give the correct amount when buying something from a store.

These games are just some of the few. There are countless other games available on the website that focus on different skills, such as farming, politics, the environment, and running a restaurant. All of these games are free, providing an opportunity for your kids to learn and have fun at the same time.

Personally, you should consider incorporating these online money-making games into your children’s daily activities. Not only will they enjoy playing these games, but they will also learn valuable skills that will benefit them in the future. So go ahead and let your kids have some fun while leveling up their finances!

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