/FETE DELA MUSIQUE 2016 – A Celebration of the Best that Philippine Music has to Offer

FETE DELA MUSIQUE 2016 – A Celebration of the Best that Philippine Music has to Offer

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Fete Dela Musique – known as World Music Day is an annual music festival that is being held all over the world. This festival started in Paris in 1982 by the French Culture Minister, Jack Lang, and has now became a celebration of music world wide.
On it’s 22nd year here in Manila, the last day of the festival was held in a very historical location inside Intramuros which is called Puerta Real Gardens.  This is a very famous venue for outdoor weddings and other activities, just like Fete Dela Musique.
Alliance Francaise de Manille, Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines, Embassy of France to the Philippines, in partnership with B-Side production organized a simultaneous 2 days ( June 18 and 23 ) music festival that highlights the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) in different pocket venues around Makati last June 18 and Intramuros last June 23.

I was invited by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines to attend the 2nd day of the Festival which was held at Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros. It was an exciting moment for me as this was my first time to attend a music festival and first time to listen to live Filipino bands’ performances.


The program started from 4:00 pm onwards.  It had been overcast the whole day but luckily, weather got better later in the day. Since Intramuros is surrounded by different colleges, hotels, and offices;  students, tourists, and other people from all walks of life came in to support the event and cheer for their favorite local bands.


In addition,  I was very excited to see the performances of some of the finest and emerging Filipino bands such as Square One, Banna Harbera, Hoochie Coochie Mikkie, Absulte Play, Save Me Hollywood, Jensen & the Flips, Yolanda Moon, Giniling Festival and Up Dharma Down to cap the evening.
I saw these kids on Youtube and they were really good and I couldn’t believe I would see them performing live. They were amazing and I see a great future for Square One!
Another emerging band performing was the Giniling Festival. I like their music and how they relate their songs to different social trends and issues of the country. Aside from that, it is no doubt that they are one of the most humorous bands I’ve seen. They are so cool and funny!
Another band that really is getting a lot attention is Jensen and the Flips. His soulful voice and their genre of music really captivated the heart of the people. They are that good! I am a new fan!
The whole ambiance was just chill during Fete Dele Musique. You can just see the people were just having having a great time. And most of all, you could feel that there was a great appreciation of the Original Pilipino Music (OPM). I am one of them!
Aside from listening to good Filipino music during the festival, Magners Irish Ciders was there to add more fun to the festival. Their ciders come in different flavors and berry flavor is my personal favorite.
Together with the Tourism Promotion Board of the Philippines Joma and Abigail, I was also joined by fellow bloggers Sabu, Jerny, Ed who were having a ball at Fete Dela Musique.
One of the most awaited bands to perform that evening was UP DHARMA DOWN. With their famous hit single TADHANA, they are now considered as one of the best bands in the Philippines.
I was very privileged to be able to have a picture taken with them along with other bloggers back stage before their performance.
People stood up from their seats and started cheering when they saw Up Dharma Down on stage. Even foreign tourists were seen dancing and loving their music.
Up Dharma Down performed their famous songs and of course the “Tadhana” song which was my personal favorite (Because I can relate to it!). They really know how to put up a show with their great music. And they are just one of the many reasons why I always love Original Pilipino Music (OPM). Worth watching!
It was a fun filled evening with great music and great people.  I cannot wait for next year’s event!
I would personally like to thank Alliance Francaise de Manille, Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines for the invitation, and Embassy of France to the Philippines for showcasing the talent of the Filipinos through music with French ideals of liberty, equality and brotherhood as the primary aim of the event.
A good reminder of the rich culture of the Filipinos through music and why IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES! 
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