/Travel PITX (Manila) to Baguio via Solid North Transit Inc.

Travel PITX (Manila) to Baguio via Solid North Transit Inc.

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Being in a country with a tropical climate, local travelers are searching for a place with a colder environment. One place that definitely comes to mind is Baguio City.

Located in the Northern part of the Philippines, Baguio is attracting more tourists each year. And more transport companies are offering services from Manila to Baguio and back.

Since most Manila terminals to Baguio are located in Buendia and Quezon City, one transport service has decided to use PITX as one of their terminals. PITX is considered to be one of the most modern terminals in the Philippines.

When you enter, it feels like you are at an international airport. There are now numerous restaurants and shops inside this terminal. It’s very organized, and there is no better place to wait for your next ride than here.

Manila to Baguio Scheduled Trips

Bus Fares (Baguio-Manila v.v.)

Regular – Php 525.00
Luxury – Php 760.00

Travel Time: 6-7 hrs on average

How to book online?

If you are going to Baguio from PITX, it is advisable to book online since it gets full quickly. Baguio to Manila wasn’t really a problem. But if you want everything hassle-free, book online.


When I went to Baguio and tried this transport system, I was really impressed with everything! The bus looked and felt very comfortable. There is a toilet inside. There is a snack and water bottle for each passenger. There is a touch screen at every seat, but I really haven’t tried watching a movie. And there is a USB port for every seat to charge your gadgets. It was a very comfortable trip, and I slept soundly during the trip.

On the way back from Baguio, I tried the Luxury Bus from the same company to PITX, which was something else! Comfy leather seats also have a toilet inside and snacks. They also provide guests with blankets in case you are feeling cold.


Toilets are available for both regular and luxury buses.

I am so happy that there is also bus transportation that goes from PITX – Baguio. It made a trip to the summer capital easier and convenient, especially if you are coming from the Western side of Metro Manila and other nearby provinces around. I cannot wait to plan my next trip to Baguio City again!

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