/Haunted Manila Festival | 6 Nights of Epic Halloween Celebration

Haunted Manila Festival | 6 Nights of Epic Halloween Celebration

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Everybody is now on holiday specially the students. Some prefer to stay at home while others want to go of town. But if you don’t want to go out that far and still want to go out with your friends? This might be what you are looking for! 


If you’re dead set on achieving your #squadhouls this Halloween (all pun intended), then mark your calendars for Haunted Manila Festival, a 6-night gathering happening on October 26 to 31, at the Filinvest City Events Grounds.

Haunted Manila Festival has the stuff that both living and undead would scream to see. If your perfect evening involves rubbing elbows with decomposing zombies (check), chance meeting of dreaded Filiipino mythical creatures (the stuff elders scared you about, check), and moments of “tawa and / or iyak” with your family and friends (check and check), then you need to be at #HMF2019!

So what are the activities?

Haunted Manila Festival celebrates Filipino Culture with music, film, adventure, and escalating shrieks of terror.

Outbreak Manila

Are you tired of living a life chasing others? Turn things around at Outbreak Manila, the country’s biggest zombie run. You’ll have zombies chase you for your brains (hearts and other body parts included). Join thousands outrun the undead at the most-awaited 5-kilometer zombie run happening on October 26, followed by a Zombie DJ party for thriller-feels all night long.

Breakout Escape Room

While the Haunted Manila Festival won’t have solutions to the perils of real-life, it will give you a chance to test your problem-solving skills under the creepy stares of white ladies, mananggals, kapres, and stuff nightmares are made of. When you’re not screaming, crying, or asking friends if something (or someone) is standing behind you, you can take your skills to the next level at Breakout Philippines’ Haunted Escape Rooms from Oct 26 to Oct 31.

Breakout Scavenger Haunt

Have you ever wondered how you would do as a participant of the Amazing Race? Breakout Philippines’ scavenger haunt in Festival Mall on Oct 27 puts your competitive spirit to the test as epic prizes are up for grabs!


At the Haunted Manila Festival, Halloween isn’t just a holiday, it’s a week-long mood! The spirit of Hallow’s Eve is very much alive from Oct 27 to Oct 30 at Pelikulagim, an open air cinema featuring classic Pinoy horror movies. When all that screaming makes you hungry, you, your ghoulfriends, boofriends, and entire gang can enjoy the Gayuma Food Bazaar.

Haunted Manila Trick or Treat Game Stations

Take on Tricks for a chance to bring home Treats at the Haunted Manila Festival’s Trick or Treat Game Stations featuring Halloween-themed game booths. And if you’re still game for more, come in your costume and pay respects at Tyang Ne’s house for a chance to vie for the best in costume prize.

Santelmo Halloween Music Party

The highlight of the festival is the Santelmo Halloween Music Party happening on October 31. Get down and spooky with 14 of the country’s favorite OPM bands! The line-up includes UDD, December Avenue, I Belong to the Zoo, Callalily, Unique, Autotelic, SUD, The Ransom Collective, Cheat, FERN, One Click Straight, Nathan &Mercury, Any Name’s Okay, and Aegis! Let mystifying music and haunting decor leave you breathless as you celebrate Halloween with music and dancing.

Haunted Manila Festival is made possible by our official TV partner FOX, co-presented by SIP Purified Water; its official venue partner Filinvest City, official alcohol partner Bacardi, brought to you by Eye Mo and Jack & Jill Cream-O; sponsored by Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, Cello’s Doughnuts, Havaianas, and Mentos; hotel partners Azumi Botique Hotel, The Bellevue Hotel, The B Hotel, and Vivere Hotel & Resorts; mall partner Festival Supermall; movie partner Regal Entertainment, with special thanks to Linya Linya.

#HMF2019 happens on October 26 to 31, 2019 at Filinvest City Events Grounds. The 6-night Festival Pass starts at Php2,500, and the 6-night VIP Festival Pass starts at Php4,000. Register with your gang for barkada discounts and awesome deals. Tickets are available at www.hauntedmanilafestival.com and all Breakout Philippines branches.

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