/Cebu Pacific SUPER SEAT FEST ticket sales kicks off on September 9-10,2019 !
Kick off the ‘BER’ months with the yuletide Cebu Pacific Super Seat Fest!

Cebu Pacific SUPER SEAT FEST ticket sales kicks off on September 9-10,2019 !

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Do you plan to go on a holiday with your love ones, family or friends next year? Well, I’ve got some good news for you because Cebu Pacific’s Super Seat Fest  is finally here, and it’s time once again to cheer with the lowest seats and deals from Cebu Pacific. 

This September, over one million seats to your favorite domestic and international destinations are up for sale at fares that can’t be beaten. Or, get great deals on flight-bun-deals, with as much as 30% off on prepaid baggage fees, and in flight meals thrown in as well.

Scour for great travel deals for getaways in the final stretch of 2019! Enjoy the Deepavali Festival of Lights or take the family to a fun adventure in Sentosa Island and Universal Studios in Singapore; or say ‘hello’ to Hallyu in South Korea. Or, meet 2020 basking on a pristine white beach, or the splendor of lights in Macau. You can also plan for a summer break or a long weekend getaway in 2020.

No need to burn the midnight oil or spend the entire night trying to book those seats on sale! An array of exciting travel deals awaits you over the next few weeks. That’s ample time to finalize vacation plans. Planning is always the key to getting the most of vacation time and budgets.

Bent on taking that trip? Here are some hacks to help:

1. Plan, plan and plan!

Seats on sale get booked fast so always have alternative destinations and travel dates ready. Read on the details of any seat sale—including destinations covered and travel period to have a Plan A, B and even Plan C.

Research shows that planning and booking for trips at least six months prior to the departure date have a higher probability of getting deeply discounted seats and travel deals. Check the calendar not just for the rest of 2019, but even for next year to determine those travel dates. Make those travel decisions even before the seat sales open.

2. Need for speed

Each visitor in the Cebu Pacific website is allotted limited time to book per session to give way to others. Hence, the faster a transaction is completed, the higher the chance of scoring seats on sale. It’s best to get all details down. List down the preferred destination, travel dates and flight schedule to make sure the booking is correct.

Personal details—including complete name, date of birth, contact information, as well as passport number and expiry date—should be on-hand before the sale begins to make it faster to complete the booking. Make sure to also have the mode of payment and details on-hand. For credit card or debit card payments, required details include card number, full name of the cardholder, the security code (or the CVV number), expiry date and billing address.

And more importantly, make sure to clear the cache data and browsing history of the device to be used to log into the Cebu Pacific website to ensure stability in page loading and completing the transaction. A fast, reliable internet connection is also a plus.

3. Gather intel

Like or follow the official accounts of Cebu Pacific on Facebook (@cebupacificairphilippines), Twitter (@cebupacificair), and Instagram (@cebupacificair) to get updated information on our seat sales before heading to cebupacificair.com to book your seats and score those travel deals. September’s just the beginning! Gear up and BEReady for a holiday season to remember with #CEBSuperSeatFest!

Here are the seats for sale! Good luck and have safe flight!

Book here now: https://www.cebupacificair.com

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