/Maniwaya Island + Palad Sand Bar & Ungab Rock Formation | Marinduque

Maniwaya Island + Palad Sand Bar & Ungab Rock Formation | Marinduque

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The Island of Marinduque, also known as the Heart of The Philippines is now becoming a major tourist destination for those travelers looking for a fun and unforgettable getaway. If there is one place in Marinduque that you should not leave off your itinerary, it’s MANIWAYA ISLAND.



How to get to Marinduque Island 

Cebu Pacific | Manila To Marinduque (Terminal 4)

Monday – DG 6007- Departure 15:25 – Arrival 16:25
Wednesday – DG 6007 – Departure 6:00 – Arrival 7:00
Saturday – DG 6007 – Departure 5:45 – Arrival 6:45

Marinduque to Manila

Monday – DG 6006- Departure 16:45 – Arrival 17:45
Wednesday – DG 6006- Departure 8:45 – Arrival 9:45
Saturday DG 6006 – Departure 8:45 – 9:45

If you want to know more information, you may visit www.cebupacificair.com

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2. Land/ Boat Travel 

  • JAC LINER Buendia to Dalahican Port in Lucena
  • RORO BOAT to Balanacan Port , Mogpog

How to get to Maniwaya Island

  1. Take a jeepney from Balanacan Port to Sta Cruz Marinduque
  2. Trycicle to Buyabod Port
  3. Ride a boat to Maniwaya Island

After an exciting spelunking adventure at Bagumbungan Cave , we drove to Port of Buyabod in Sta Cruz, Marinduque where a boat was already waiting for us at the port that afternoon. The boat ride could take around 40 minutes up to an hour depending on the waves. But we were lucky that it was a smooth sail and we arrived at Maniwaya Island safely just before sunset.

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If you want a hassle-free tour  around Marinduque Islands, you can also get in touch with the only Department of Tourism (DOT) Accredited Tour Operator on the Island which is DREAM FAVOR TRAVEL AND TOUR. Based on experience, we never had any issues during our trip in Marinduque. They were excellent and are highly recommended!

Dream Favor Travel and Tours Phone Number | 0918 933 1605


Where to Stay in Maniwaya Island

Contact Numbers: +63918-559-4522 or +63995-406-2027 

When I visited the island few years back, the only known resort there was the Wawies Beach Resort. Nowadays, you will find so many resorts to choose from around Maniwaya Island, and during our trip, we stayed in one of the most eye-catching resorts on the island and that is VILLA ATILANA.

From afar, your attention is immediately caught by this ship-liked structure. As we walked closer, you could really see how massive this structure is. It was unique and I Iiked it! The resort has three floors with rooms that accommodate different numbers of guests.

On the 3rd floor is a big hall where you could hang out and chill at night.They also have a videoke which you can rent adding more fun to the party. In addition, you will also find other rooms around the resort which is ideal, e specially if you are traveling in a big group.

The food they served us at dinner and breakfast time was really delicious. I enjoyed the selection that was being served to us during our visit and the meals were really sumptuous. On the other hand, you also have the option to prepare your own food.

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On our first day, Maniwaya Island put ona show with this beautiful sunset right in front of our resort. It was calm and so beautiful we basically stared at it until it set.


After a very comfortable sleep after a late night partying with friends on the top floor, we woke up early just in time for us to explore the two most visited tourist spots around Maniwaya Island. We then hopped on the boat and off we went on our island hopping adventure.


The closest tourist destination from Maniwaya Island is a strip of white sand right in the middle of the sea. Before planning your trip, it is important to ask the tour guide or the boat man for the time of low tide so you can see and walk on the sand. But with the unpredictable weather, we arrived at the sand bar and it was already covered with water.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. It was only knee deep and walking around the sand bar was really nice. You can either just sit in the water or walk around and get that amazing Instagram worthy shot right here at Palad Sand Bar.


After swimming and taking photos, we went on a 20 min boat ride to a unique rock formation in Marinduque and that is the Ungab Rock Formation. We were lucky when we arrived because there were not so many people on the rock formation which for me was a surprise because this place can get busy.

A natural beauty,  this big boulders of rock create an arch; a beautiful backdrop that will always remind of you of the beauty of nature and why we must keep and protect our environment.

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You can also swim under it and if you are brave enough we were told that you can do a cliff dive on the right side of the boulder. We didn’t because we were so enjoying taking photos of the Ungab Rock Formation specially when the sun was behind it. It was stunning and we were really lucky for the time we had the place to ourselves.

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Before lunch, we headed back to Maniwaya Island to relax a bit and prepared our stuff to go back and to continue our tour of the main Island of Marinduque. But looking back, we couldn’t believe how lucky we were with everything. The weather was perfect, accommodation and food were really good, all things went hassle-free making this trip one of the most memorable. Maniwaya Island experience eve


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