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BAGUMBUNGAN CAVE | Spelunking in Marinduque

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Out of so many things to do in Marinduque, one adventure you should not let pass is a spelunking adventure at BAGUMBUNGAN CAVE in Sta Cruz. I was  so pleased when I found out that a cave adventure was included in the itinerary. I always long for extreme adventures and I think this is one of the best that you could get in the Heart of the Philippines!


After our enjoyable breakfast at Balar Hotel and Spa, we immediately went to Barangay San Isidro and Barangay Punong in Sta Cruz where we were going to start our caving adventure. Oh! If you are thinking of where to stay in Marinduque? You won’t be disappointed with Balar Hotel and Spa.

How to get to Marinduque? 

1. Fly by air via Cebu Pacific

Manila To Marinduque (Terminal 4)

Monday – DG 6007- Departure 15:25 – Arrival 16:25
Wednesday – DG 6007 – Departure 6:00 – Arrival 7:00
Saturday – DG 6007 – Departure 5:45 – Arrival 6:45

Marinduque to Manila (Terminal 4)

Monday – DG 6006- Departure 16:45 – Arrival 17:45
Wednesday – DG 6006- Departure 8:45 – Arrival 9:45
Saturday DG 6006 – Departure 8:45 – 9:45

If you want to know more information, you may visit www.cebupacificair.com

2. Land/ Boat Travel 

  • JAC LINER Buendia to Dalahican Port in Lucena
  • RORO BOAT to Balanacan Port , Mogpog

Bagumbungan Cave Rates

To participatein the caving, each one is required to pay Php 300.00 per person for the TRAVERSE caving which includes the Entrance Fee, Environmental , Guide and other fees all included in the price. I would advise giving an extra tip to the guides of course.

If you plan to only reach the FALLS inside the cave, you only need to pay Php 150.00 per person. In my personal opinion, I pretty much prefer the traverse because you see a lot more inside and it was a different achievement to be able to traverse this beautiful underworld.



If you want a hassle-free tour  around Marinduque Islands, you can also get in touch with the only Department of Tourism (DOT) Accredited Tour Operator on the Island which is the DREAM FAVOR TRAVEL AND TOUR. Based on experience, they are excellent and highly recommended! 

Dream Favor Travel and Tour Phone Number

0918 933 1605

Before we started our adventure, we then our helmets on and made sure that torches worked well inside. We also had a briefing by our guide on the Do’s and Don’t once we were inside the cave. It is very important that you listen well since they are the ones that are very familiar with the trail and make sure you wear proper clothing and shoes because you are going to get wet and some parts of the cave can be slippery.

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On my last visit here, it was pouring and there was so much water inside so we were not able to complete the traverse because of the rising waters, but this time, since it was summer time and had not been raining we were told that it was safe to do a traverse this time. We were so excited! After the short briefing about what to expect inside the cave, they also introduced the guides that would be joining us inside the cave. 



Entering Bagumbungan Cave

After some question and answers during the briefing, we then started our 5-minute walk towards the mouth of the cave.Before entering, we turned on our lights, tightened our helmets and made sure everything was working. Once checked, off we went on our 4 hour spelunking adventure in Bagumbungan Cave.

Compared to the other caves I’ve explored such as in Samar, the mouth of Bagumbungan Cave isn’t that big at all. You hardly see what is inside because of the darkness which adds more mystery to to this whole adventure.

We started our descent right after some final instructions, and as I looked back, I was so captivated and couldn’t help but take photos of this beautiful cave entrance from below. J


Just remember that spelunking would require some upper body strength as you are going to climb some boulders using ropes. As we descended deeper inside the cave we were amazed by the different rock formations found inside. Just make sure to not touch them as they are living and still growing.


Aside from the columns, stalactites, stalagmites found inside the cave, you will also find streams that you are going to walk through making the whole spelunking so much fun. Oh, make sure to also bring a dry bag just to make sure your camera and other electronic devices will stay dry. Some of the chambers are big enough to walk but also expect that some of the chambers will require you to crawl adding more excitement to the whole adventure.

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When we reached the halfway mark of our caving adventure, we gathered around in a circle and were asked to switch off our lights and to be silent for a few minutes. I believe our guide offered some prayers during that time but for me I find it enchanting specially listening to the different sounds inside the cave.

Along the way, it was evident how beautiful the landscape was inside the cave. Just a little light from friends and guides and a good low light camera, you can actually get an amazing photo inside the cave.



Moving further with our spelunking, we were told that the we were already close to reaching the other end of the cave. Because we were having so much fun inside taking photos, we were shocked when we found out that we had already spent 4 hours inside the cave. How we wish we could stay longer but of course, we still had to visit more places in Marinduque.


Just before lunch time, we finally made it to the end of the cave and what a great morning adventure we had here at Bagumbungan Cave. The Island of Marinduque is an island that will give you the adventures that you searching for, from the beaches, mountains, food, caving, diving, and  and so much more, all you need to do is to visit and explore the Heart of Asia, Marinduque!

We arrived back at the base at around lunch time and what we saw was the best thing I could possibly ask for after a very successful spelunking adventure and that is a sumptuous lunch prepared the Boodle Fight way!
At an extra price, the locals could prepare a very nice lunch which was actually a good idea because everybody would be longing for something delicious right after. It was  a perfect lunch and got our tummies satisfied!

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Spelunking is fun and it’s really an adventure that you need to experience, specially when you plan to visit Marinduque Island. But always remember to respect nature and everything around you and always remember that safety is a priority so listen carefully to the instructions and do not forget to have fun! 

Bagumbungan Cave Adventure YouTube Video by Lus Saez

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