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MT. BATULAO Nasugbu Batangas | DIY Guide + Expenses

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It was a beautiful day and what better way to spend it than at a place like Mt. Batulao in Nasugbu Batangas which never disappoints anyone who visits this beautiful mountain to hike. Don’t you think this is a nice add-ons to your Batangas or Tagaytay itinerary?
Since last year, my friends and I included mountain climbing as part of our training because of the benefits to runners. As part of another ultra-marathon event in April, we decided to go back to Mt. Batulao for the 3rd time.

I put on my hiking shoes, left Imus, Cavite at 7:00 AM and headed to Nasugbu, Batangas via Tagaytay which only took us an hour and half to get to our destination via Amadeo Rd. On arrival, we already knew that it was going to be hot, lots of climbers but lots of fun!
Locals will guide you to the different parking areas and  you can be assured of the safety of the vehicles.

Parking Fee in Mt. Batulao – Php 100.00

Tour Guides are also available in the area and it is a must that whether you are a solo hiker or group, a guide is still needed.

Guide Fee at Mt. Batulao – Php 500 x 4

Registration Fees at Mt. Batulao – Php 150.00

This place has been a favorite mountain to climb for newbie climbers, experienced climbers, and even trail runners. The challenging terrains and the beautiful scenery make this a favorite playground for all the thrill seekers!
We started walking up to the summit, and what’s good is you don’t need to worry about keeping yourself hydrated as there are different tuck shops that sell Coconut Juice, Halo Halo and many others.
Compared to other mountains, the climb wasn’t as steep and it made the hike more enjoyable. The first part of the terrain was quite scenic and flat. In addition, you have the fresh cool breeze of Mt. Batulao.
The first time I climbed here it was wet, slippery and everything was covered by fog. And now when everything is dry, it was still slippery! The soil was coarse and almost felt like sand making it difficult since I don’t have a trail shoes. The strong winds build up the sand which creates a lot of dust too. But with all the moaning, the view from Mt.Batulao is beyond words!
Make sure to spend at least the whole day at Mt. Batulao if you are on a day hike. Mt. Batulao is not a place to rush. There are so many reasons to just enjoy the view and just relax!
There are two ways of going to the summit of Mt. Batulao. There is a New Route which for me is more fun and more adventurous and you have the OLD Route which is covered with more trees less steep hills. On this climb, we decided to do the New to Old Traverse.
As mentioned a while ago, this is where you find some trail runners do their training prior to their events. It was also the reason why we were here. Most of them do several loops from New to Old or vice versa.
I even met up with some like Sir Country Boy Tugade who’s preparing for a trail run in the coming weeks in the North.
While others are enjoying their climb, for the locals here life moves on. I am sure that the influx of visitors really help in terms of their everyday lives.
When we reached Peak 6, we have to register at this station and pay an Environmental Fee of Php 30.00 .
After the registration, the terrain got even more exciting and challenging with the presence of steep hills. A great terrain that gives you an amazing view on both sides and to overcome my fear of heights.
As you come near to the summit, boulders become more visible creating a different landscape.
Hills got steeper that the only way to go up or down is by rappelling.
It could be frightening for some but I must admit, I enjoyed the rappelling a lot! It is really advisable to use a proper trail shoes to get the grip that you needed whether in dry or wet conditions.
Time for another rest before we do our final climb to summit.
One more spot that is so famous is the KNIFE’S EDGE. Imagine yourself standing on a knife and there’s nothing around you but super steep hills. We saw some climbers cried out even with the guide because it can be nerved wracking. The first time I was here, I crawled because of fright.  But once you pass this edge, it can be quite an achievement! Lol..
That is me pointing out the Knife’s Edge. Do you see those climbers on top? Yeah I know, Crazy right?  ha ha
Finally, we reached the Summit which is the Peak 10 and because it was a Saturday, it was packed!
It may sound impossible, but you will find everything you need specially drinks, coconut juice and much more at the summit. How did they do that? Only the locals know! Just expect the price could be double once you are on the summit due to labor of course.
Who could ever get tired of this view at the summit?  Get a 360 view perfect for those wanted to get an amazing selfie or group shot.
To experience the whole Mt. Batulao, we decided to go back via the old route and as expected more intense rappelling and more people are arriving.
As a newbie, I really find going down the hardest than climbing up. My knees and running shoes are not geared up for trail but I think the more I do it the better I will be.
With it’s distance from Manila, everyone who comes here will definitely fall in love instantly with Mt. Batulao. Whether it’s a day hike or an overnight camping, people will keep coming back to Mt. Batulao!
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