/HAKUPAN ISLAND – Another Beach Getaway Destination in STA CRUZ, MARINDUQUE
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HAKUPAN ISLAND – Another Beach Getaway Destination in STA CRUZ, MARINDUQUE

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During my stay at Sta Cruz, Marinduque, we really wanted to make the most of our holidays. I was told that there is one island not far from the town of Sta Cruz that is becoming popular amongst tourists and that is the HAKUPAN ISLAND.
So with the collaboration of the Tourism Office and the Municipality of Sta Cruz, Marinduque, we immediately left for BARANGAY BOTILAO. A very quiet barangay and also the jump off site going to Hakupan Island.
Driving down to Barangay Batulao was quite a picturesque experience because of the small beautiful islands that can be seen on the horizon.
With the coordination of local Barangay officials, a few meters walk would take to you this small and quaint port area where our boat was waiting to take us to Hakupan Island. Around it as well were mangrove forests where crabs can be found.
The trip to Hakupan only took us approximately 20 minutes. The water was calm that morning and the thankful about the good weather. We just couldn’t wait to swim!
As we are neared the island, the white sand dazzled on the horizon and our excitement built even more.
As we drew closer to the island, the heat was unbearable already and it was nice to see shady huts available for rent.
The water is very clear at Hakupan Beach. On the other side of the beach, you will also find coral reefs and a variety of fish making it an ideal spot for snorkeling.   A stretch of sandbar also sticks out of Hakupan Island and was one my favorite swimming spots on the beach.
hakupan island beach marinduque
Because it’s gaining popularity and demand, locals started building huts at a very affordable price. I forgot how much it cost us but it was not too much. Tuck shops are also available on the island just in case you need something else.
While waiting for our lunch to be served. I walked around and swam for a bit. I really have a strong feeling that more and more people are going to visit this place and I hope that they could keep this island clean.
During our visit, the water was so calm , the place was so quiet, the beach was so white and clean, and for me, that was total relaxation!
Before you leave the island, do not forget to support the locals and buy some local key rings as a souvenir.
During this trip, I was also joined by my fellow explorers JJ Pimpinio and Bing Daza. It was a morning well spent and Hakupan Island didn’t disappoint us. I will definitely come back to Hakupan Island!
Thank you to Sta Cruz Tourism Office and also the Municipality of Sta Cruz, Marinduque for making this trip possible for us.
For updates and other information, you may also check out the Facebook page of the Tourism office: REDiscoverSTACRUZ
lunch time at hakupan island
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